Understanding the economical and environmental benefits of wellness tourism

Wellness tourism is world’s fastest growing industry with innumerable benefits that makes it one of the most prominent forms of tourism worldwide. Apart from other benefits, it also encourages the preservation of natural resources and environment. It also generates the direct and indirect employment opportunities for native people. It helps in economic growth of the region as well as nation.


Economical benefits of wellness tourism

  • The major benefit of wellness tourism is that it brings direct foreign exchange earnings and contributes a lot to government revenues and offers employment and business opportunities to the native people. It is a huge source of foreign exchange for host economies, overseas wellness tourists bring in foreign currency to pay for goods or services they receive during their stay at a particular destination.
  • The rapid growth of wellness tourism internationally, other than increasing foreign exchange earnings also helps in generating direct and indirect employment. Direct employment includes jobs through taxi services, hotels and restaurants on the other indirect employment comprises the delivery of goods and different other services required by the wellness tourism industry.


  • It also contributes to government revenues in a significant manner.  Most of the governments across the world keen to invest in the development of local infrastructure to attract more wellness tourists from developed nation.
  •  Some wellness tourism destinations make an impact on foreigners and force them to visit the place time after time or even encourage them to become a permanent resident of that particular destination or country, which ultimately increases the demand of the accommodation and other essential commodities and thus overall development.


Environmental benefits of wellness tourism

  • Tourists on a wellness trip love to visit places with natural surroundings, so they could enjoy the nature while undergoing alternative procedures or treatments. Wellness tourism provides needed funding to protect or conserve wild life centuries, marine parks and water springs, as conserved areas generate huge revenue from foreign as well as local tourists.
  • It generates option sources of employment for local communities, as it requires proper infrastructure and many other hospitality services. It helps in checking deforestation and excessive fishing in developing and underdeveloped regions of the world.
  • It creates awareness between local society or people regarding natural resources and eco system, and encourages them to preserve the natural wealth of the area.


Apart from social, health and other benefits, wellness tourism encourages the preservation of natural resources and environment. It also generates huge revenues, brings direct foreign currency and employment opportunities for locals.

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