There are various heat treatments used, wherein the heat is applied to the body part that is injured or inflamed and painful. It helps to provide relief against pain, minimize the local congestion, improve the blood circulation and provides muscular relaxation.


Fluidotherapy is a type of dry heat therapy using cellulose particles that are suspended in air. The therapy is aimed at causing a healing effect by the use of heat. The heat units use in the treatment come in different sizes and some can specially designed for the hand and feet. 


Fluidotherapy was developed in 1970s and has been effectively used in tissue healing.


This is a dry heat therapy that acts superficially and is made up of fine solids suspended in air. It causes vasodilatation and improves the blood flow to that part. Turbulence of the mixture inside the machine, results in a thermal contact with anything that is inserted inside.The suspended particles come in contact with the skin and allow healing of injury. It is better for the skin to come in close contact as near as 0.5 cms or even less to gain maximum benefits. 



The part of the body that is to be treated is placed inside the machine. Inside the machines, there are heated suspended particles of Cellux that rotate around that body part. They thus come in contact with the skin and begin the healing process. The treatment plan is decided by the therapist and can generally last for around 10 to 20 minutes.

The patient can make movements while their body part is inserted in the machine. These are in the form of movement exercise and are to be performed as per the advice of the therapist.



This therapy can be effectively used in the treatment of superficial and acute traumatic conditions of the extremities. It is also popularly used in musculoskeletal disorders especially of the hands and feet. It is also used in relieving the patient from scars that are painful and of soft tissue. It is helpful in postoperative conditions like fractures, ligaments or tendon repairs, carpal tunnel syndrome or other surgeries involving sports injuries.

Safety First

This therapy is contraindicated in case of open wounds as the skin comes in direct contact with the mixture. Also, contraindicated in severe circulatory disorders as in these case the body temperature might rise and cause fever.

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