Stretch alarm clock puts your yoga mat in order for morning rituals

As they say that yoga is more productive in wee hours, yoga practitioners have to get up early in the morning to start their day fresh and healthy. However, waking up early isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, especially for couch potatoes or those who work in late night shifts. If your laziness is putting undue halt to your yoga practice, have a look at the “Stretch” alarm clock by Industrial Designer Akshay Udiavar that plays harmonic tune of a flute and keeps buzzing until pull out the yoga mat, rolled up in the barrel, to start your morning rituals. By the time you start your yoga practice, the alarm fades away gradually.

Easy to use and interact with, the innovative clock presents a “SET” button on the control panel to set the wake up time with the selection wheel, which has been placed alongside the display panel. Featuring a large tune database, the clock plays random flute tunes to wake you up gently. And importantly you cannot turn the alarm off without leaving the bed. So, there is no other way out than to get up and start your yoga practice.

Source: Cargo Collective

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