Polycystic ovary syndrome Alternative Medicine

Polycystic ovary syndrome: Alternative Medicine

Top Alternative Medicine

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the Chinese way treatment for various ailments through pressure points in our body and has been in practice for thousands of years. It is a great method which helps in balancing various active hormones within the body of an individual apart from the flow. Acupuncture would also help in maintaining a normal and regular menstrual cycle. Women suffering from sterility for a long time can also look forward to maintaining fertility in the process of reproduction with the help of electro acupuncture along with regular exercises.

2. Homeopathy

This is known as a holistic approach to alternative medicine. The medicines in homeopathy include diluted natural substances which aid in healing various ailments and have no side effects. But, it is essential to take an advice from a homeopath practitioner before making experiments with this particular alternative solution. It is a subtle and slow treatment procedure, but an effective one.

3. Kinesiology

This is a popular treatment procedure where an individual obtains a remedy in the process of muscle testing. A good variety of imbalances and deficiency in our body can be detected with this treatment procedure. People getting a revival option would have to get through the procedure of muscle testing and treatment procedure. This technique is followed by experts’ advice on nutrition and diet, flower remedies and positive thinking techniques.

4. ChasteBerry

ChasteBerry or vitex is a commonly used and widely popular herb for treating hormonal imbalances in women. It is an important herb used in treating PCOS as it regulates and stabilizes the functioning of pituitary gland and plays an active role in making hormonal balancing normal. Regulation of menstrual cycle also becomes possible due to this treatment. This treatment is not recommended for people undergoing medication for infertility or consuming any birth control pills.

5. Paeonia lactiflora

An effective herbal treatment is known as paeonia lactiflora. The popular herb helps an individual by reduction in the production of androgen in her body, elevate progesterone levels. This would in turn lead to balance the production of estrogen, thus promoting ovulation, follicle maturation and corpus luteum functions.

6. Dandelion root

Dandelion root is another herbal concoction which acts as a great tonic for liver. It helps clean the liver by washing out all the toxins that have accumulated there. A lot many menstrual problems worsen because of the fact that surplus hormones tend to accrue there. Thus the cleansing of liver will help regulate your hormones better and get an improved balance in abnormal hormonal levels in the body of a polycystic patient.

7. Gymnema sylvestre

Owing to polycystic ovary our body starts gaining pounds as insulin does not let sugar and carbohydrate turn into energy, thus storing them in body as fats. Gymnema sylvestre is a conventional ayurvedic herb that is used to aid weight reduction. It is also acts as an anti-diabetic, a lipid lowering agent and a hypoglycemic. It is advised for polycystic conditions owing to its insulin modulating property apart from controlling increased weight gain and elevated triglycerides associated with POS. It also suppresses your bent towards sweet things and bad carbs by curbing the sweet taste on the taste buds.

8. Saw palmetto

PCOS is caused due to hormonal imbalance and excess production of male hormone, testosterone in the body. Testosterone further gets converted to DHT. This herbal remedy, Saw Palmetto, inhibits the making of DHT in the body and also helps further breakdown of the existing DHT in the body. The herb is known to influence an anti-estrogenic effect which again is very important in curbing polycystic symptoms, as woman with PCOS have elevated estrogen levels. It also aids in weight reduction.

9. Yoga

Recent studies have shown positive influence of yoga on fertility and curbing stress and anxiety. All the aforementioned symptoms closely relate to POS as well. Moreover, yoga helps channelize energy, maintain and regulate hormonal levels and also keep your body weight under control, thus aiding in the process of curing POS. Weight loss in PCOS is said to help with the restoration of ovulation, and also in maintaining a proper level of insulin and androgen.

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