How to make yoga interesting and fun activity for kids

Physical and mental fitness is as important for kids

Physical and mental fitness is as important for kids as it is for grownups. Yoga for kids is one way of building physical strength as well as develops mental fitness of kids of all age groups starting with toddlers up to teenagers. If you are developing yoga routine for your kid then you will have to keep few things in mind.

Kids of all age groups can perform yoga without any restrictions but there are few yoga asanas that cannot be taught to kids under the age of twelve due to their psychomotor requirements.

Difficulties in Teaching Kids Yoga

As most kids are very active, it is difficult to make them sit for a long time. Another problem you will face will be of making them remain focused while doing the different yoga postures and learning other facets of yoga. Making them perform activities like meditation would be difficult to achieve.

However, modest levels of meditation can be performed by children and help them build their focus.

Breathing Techniques

Apart from meditation to build focus and concentration, kids should also be taught correct breathing techniques called diaphragmatic breathing.

This is a slow breathing method in which belly rises and falls gradually. It is also advisable to let your kids only perform the very basic breathing exercises and do not attempt any of the more complex ones.

Yoga Postures for Kids

Yoga postures for kids are more or less the same as for adults. The only difference is that kids find it hard sitting still. As a solution, you can make yoga interesting for kids by creating some type of game from these exercises.

There are different names for postures and they generally reflect the how people look like while doing the posture. As for example, there is Lion pose that can be interesting for kids since you can ask them to roar like a Lion while doing that pose and it will be really interesting and fun for them to do this posture. You can get more creative and mix the poses with other activities such as bunny hopping.


Starting yoga from very young age can be good for your kids but you need to know which postures they should not be doing. Additionally you should try to make doing yoga interesting for them so that they do it regularly.

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