Glandular Therapy

Glandular therapy is an alternative therapy in which glandular material from animal origin is used to improve the functioning of the corresponding gland in humans. In this, raw animal glands are used to increase the tone, improve the functioning and activity of the corresponding human gland.



Animal glands and extracts have been used for medicinal purposes since thousands of years. Its use has been popular in ancient Indian, Greek and Egyptian culture in early 1940s. In those days, the glandular extracts were consumed orally to improve the activity of the related gland.



Glandular therapy is based on the principle that glandular extracts or organ of an animal contain the natural stimulators of cell, which when given to a human, helps in stimulating the corresponding diseased or aged gland. For example, when there is a functional problem in a particular gland, the animal extract of the same gland can be used to treat the diseased gland in the human patient.

There has been a lot of research in this field and the glandular extracts that are now available are enteric coated, so as to avoid any other disturbances. The extracts help in healing of the diseased gland and also help by providing the necessary hormones that would have been secreted by the normal gland. This helps in improving the functioning of the gland and the entire system. This therapy has proved to be helpful in treating cancers and AIDS.

Breast Cancer


In glandular therapy the active substance or the extracts from the healthy gland of animal origin is used for treating the diseased gland in humans. These extracts are then processed and made ready for treatment. The mode of treatment is mostly oral. This therapy is recommended when the endocrine system of a person is diseased, aged or has disturbances in producing their hormone or enzymes.



Some of the benefits of glandular therapy are:

  • Produce hormones or proteins that help in improving the body functions, boosting immunity and enhance the overall growth of the individual.
  • Pancreatic extracts help in improving the digestion and regularizing blood sugar as required in case of diabetes.
  • Heart and lung extracts can help in restoration of heart and lung cells
  • Improving sexual functions with the help of testicular or prostrate extract in males
  • Boosting immune system with thymus extracts
  • Improving ability to manage stress, allergies by using adrenal extracts.

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