Five yoga poses to boost your energy in winters

Feeling too tired to get up and exercise? Here are some yoga poses you can opt for to get instant energy. These particular yoga styles would reenergize your body instantly by waking up your brain, and improving the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. So if you are looking for an instant energy booster, here are the poses you can opt for.


The Camel Yoga Pose

This particular pose requires you to kneel on the floor, making sure your knees are perpendicular to the floor and hip width apart. Stretch your arms and head slowly, and bend backwards to reach the soles of your feet with your fingers. You can do this pose to stimulate, improve oxygen flow throughout the body as well as to activate the adrenal glands.


The Tree Pose

This pose requires you to stand straight and slowly raise one foot off the ground and place it on the inner thigh or calf of the other leg. Stretch your hands upwards, with the palms placed together and the fingertips pointing upwards. Hold the position for about 1 minute and switch legs afterwards. You can do this pose to restore energy to your body and feel centered.


The Modified Down Dog Split Pose

This pose would require you to move into a pushup position first. Move into a classic dog pose, pushing your hips gently upwards as you do. Now lift one heel towards the ceiling and lower the opposite forearm to the floor. Remember to keep both palms flat on the floor. Perform this yoga pose to improve oxygen flow throughout the body.


The Cat Pose

It would require you to kneel down on the floor on all fours and round your back in order to make your spine curve upward as much as possible. Make sure you keep your head and neck relaxed during this pose, and inhale deeply. This pose would definitely wake you up by stimulating your nervous system.


The Warrior 3 Pose

This pose would be effective in restoring your sense of balance, and would require you to keep your right foot in between your hands and straighten your left arm. Keeping your hands and arms facing forward, slowly raise the left leg, transferring the weight of your body to the right foot. Make sure your torso and leg form a straight line from the floor.

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