Busting top myths and misconceptions about Yoga

Yoga is one thing that you will find in almost every corner of the world because people everywhere are aware of yoga’s magical capabilities that make us physically, mentally, and spiritually so strong that we could leave our lives in a fearless manner. There is no doubt regarding yoga’s benefit in our lives but there sure are some myths regarding it.

Yoga is a religion

Some people believe that yoga is a religion and they think following it would mean that they have opted for this new religion, which is against their loyalty towards their own religion. Well, this is sheer myth because yoga has nothing to with any religion in this world, as it preaches healthy living practices, habits, and none of the religious verses. It teaches you to be compassionate about your own self and to rise spiritually.

Yoga is not a workout

Some people, especially the ones who are diehard fans of aerobics and other forms of vigorous exercises because they find yoga to be too slow and boring. If such people read about and get to know the power yoga, all their doubts and this myth about yoga would vanish. Power yoga is equally vigorous as any other exercise, as it builds your strength, increases your heart rate, and burns calories.

You cannot do yoga if you are not flexible

Some people say that doing yoga without having a flexible body is just not possible. This is again just a myth, as yoga practice makes your body flexible, so why would anybody practice it if already they have such flexible bodies. You ought to have flexibility to do certain yoga poses but to attain that flexibility you will have to practice some other poses first.

Only long yoga classes benefit

Many people find yoga boring and they just cannot stand attending those long boring yoga classes, thus, not practicing yoga at all. Get over this myth, as you need not do yoga for long hours and even a short ten minute of practice can benefit you provided you do it with determination and focus.

Yoga has no injury risk

Yoga certainly is a safer exercise in comparison to some high-impact exercises, and is safe for all age groups but this does not mean that you can never get hurt while practicing yoga. You can get hurt if you do not pay required attention to your body parts while doing yoga poses. Yoga is an exercise that you can do according to your body’s capacity. In order to ensure that you never get hurt take care of your body, hydrate it well, do not try out challenging poses if your body does not allow you, take into consideration your previous injuries, and like.

Yoga worsens arthritis

It certainly would worsen arthritis if you do too much of twisting and turning based yoga poses because they are not meant for you. People with arthritis can do gentle poses that require no hard movements, and they can very much benefit from those gentle yoga poses.

Yoga is too gentle, thus, it cannot make one fit

Yet another very disturbing myth some people have about yoga is that it is too gentle exercise, so it cannot make people fit. Such people need to get their facts right because exercise does not need to be harsh in order to make people fit, as gentle movements can make one fit as well. It is a practice if someone does on a regular basis, the level of his physical and psychological fitness increases.

Yoga is a lifestyle that makes people physically, mentally and spiritually strong but there are also some myths regarding yoga that many people need to get away with.

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