Best Facial Yoga exercises you need to know of

Lion Face Facial Yoga exercise

Due to the natural aging process, people develop superfluous fat in the cheeks and chin and saggy skin around their eyes, jaw and mouth. However, those who always craved for tighter, more refined facial skin, but had to succumb to those unsightly wrinkles, should do a few minutes of facial yoga every day. After doing it for three to six months without fail, you’ll see those lines and fats fading away. So, if you could spare a few minutes daily for facial yoga, your facial skin will start shining with a youthful glow.

Here we’ve listed the best yoga exercises that will do a world of good to your facial beauty:

The Surprised Pose

Since yoga routinely asks to repeat the poses, it’s same with Facial Yoga too. You need to repeat all facial yoga exercises three to five times. Now, for making the Surprised Pose, lift your eyebrows toward the horizon and stay focused there for five to ten seconds. Make sure that you don’t wrinkle your brow while doing this exercised.

Temple Dancer Eyes

If you wish to strengthen your eyes’ ring muscles, start doing Temple Dance Eyes on regular basis. First, you need to tighten your facial muscles. Now, look to left side and stay in this position for a few seconds. Next, look to your right side and again hold for a few seconds. This exercise also helps you prevent worry lines, crow’s feet and sagging.

Smiling Fish Face

Highly beneficial for strengthening the muscles around lips and cheeks as well, the Smiling Fish Face pose asks you to make funny face. For doing it, you need to smile while pressing your lips together. Next, let the air out of your mouth and pinch your cheeks into your face’s hollows.

Lion Face

For doing (or making) Lion Face, you’ll have to conquer your shyness. What you need to do is open your mouth and stick out your tongue fully. While doing so, inhale through nose and exhale through mouth. Make growling sound. Make sure that your hands are open. You can get better results if you can repeat it three to five times and hold yourself in this position for few seconds each time.

Puppet Face

While you repeat above-mentioned exercises four to five times, you need to do Puppet Face 20-30 times for ensuring that those unwanted lines between your nose and lips grow fainter and disappear permanently. First smile and then, apply pressure on the crease between lips and nose with your fingertips and lift the muscles up.

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