Benefits of yoga for breast cancer survivors

breast cancer survivor

Health is not about being free from all diseases. It is about the overall wellbeing of an individual’s body, mind and spirit. Surviving cancer is no easy feat. The prolonged battle with the deadly disease can rob your vitality and weaken your body. Women who have survived breast cancers often become depressed and suffer from bouts of fatigue. The side effects of chemotherapy and medicines can be long lasting.

According to studies, yoga can help women recover faster after surviving from breast cancer. People do not practice yoga for body fitness alone; it is also helpful in restoring the balance between your body, mind and spirit. It revitalizes your body from within, soothes the muscles and enhances the capacity of the organs.

Yoga originated in the ancient India. It has been utilized for hundreds of years for conditioning the muscles, tendons, bones and vital organs. Regular practice of yoga helps in toning the body and promotes a healthy lifestyle. People who practice yoga have been able to keep the chronic diseases at bay. Yoga nourishes and conditions your body from the very core. It enhances the strength and stress bearing capacity of the body. These benefits make yoga perfect for the breast cancer survivors who have to go through both physical and mental stress, strain and tension.

Often mastectomy is done to curb the spread of breast cancer. It changes the body image of an individual and leaves her vulnerable to insecurities, doubts and fears. The heavy medicines make her weak and incapable of thinking clearly. That is why every breast cancer survivor should practice yoga daily. It enhances their self-confidence and reduces the fears. A fit body helps a woman fight her negative body image concerns.

Yoga can boost the energy levels of the cancer survivors and slowly help them get used to a normal life. Once they have gained back their lost confidence then recovery will be smoother. Yoga helps in decreasing the inflammation and that is why it is good for postoperative recovery. A breast cancer survivor is not expected to practice the hard yoga poses. They can always do the easy and relaxing yoga poses that soothes the body and relieves the mind from tension.


Yoga is considered beneficial for the breast cancer survivors. It offers multiple benefits to the cancer survivors and boosts their confidence level.

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