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This alternative medicine is an application of a carefully prepared solution containing water and alcohol. The water component contains intense floral dilutions originally developed by a British Homeopath named Edward Bach in the year 1930. Bach even put forward an opinion that dew drops collected on petals contain the imaginary healing potency of that specific flower. However, the opinion is open to debate.

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Typically, the solution contains half water in which floral matter is diluted and half brandy by volume. The mix is called mother tincture according to Homeopathic jargon. The solution due to the presence of the dilution doesn’t give off the fragrance of the particular flower neither does it has the taste of the flower petals. The dilution process leads to the probability that a little more than a single molecule would stay back, and it is believed that the molecules reflect the energy and vibration of the flower which can be transmitted to the user. The solution is considered as vibration medicine and depends upon the concept of water memory. Although these solutions are seen as homeopathic medicines because they are diluted in a large volume of water, they do not adhere to the basic principles of Homeopathy ‘like cures like’.


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The credit of inventing the Bach flower therapy goes to an Englishman Edward Bach who was a homoeopath, physician and a researcher residing in Harley Street, London. Bach flower remedy was Edward Bach’s passion, which he translated into reality and put it to practical use in 1930. Disgusted with the utter callousness with which the contemporary physicians ignored the sufferings of the patients, he wanted to focus his attention away from the orthodox medicine in which he had a roaring career.

Homeopathy fascinated him and he wanted to create remedial medicines that would be purer than what the orthodox drugs promised. Convinced by the fact that the attitude of the mind played a significant role in curing a disease, he learned that treating the cause of an ailment was more important than treating the symptoms.

He located 38 negative states of mind and explored extensively in the countryside to identify plants and flowers in an attempt to synthesize remedies based on those vegetation matter for each type of negative states of mind. Thus, the seeds of Bach flower remedy were sown.


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The principle of Bach flower therapy was based on the fact that human mind was spiritual in nature. Health and happiness were co related to each other and had a profound impact on human mind. A prolonged melancholic mood might lead to sickness. The phenomenon works in the other way round as well. A job that suits a particular individual will keep him happy. If he is allotted a job which he doesn’t like, the mind will go morose ultimately leading to illness. In a nutshell, to keep him happy, a person should be allowed to be at harmony with his own natural self.

The underlying principle also states that the personality of a person has a close association with a type of illness and that explains the reason why a particular person is prone to a specific type of disease. This, however, doesn’t mean that he is immune to other disease types. We are discussing the likely consequences only and not an exhaustive list of ailments that could send a person to infirmary bed.

Fear, loneliness, uncertainty, despair, oversensitivity and lack of interest in one’s own self are the crucial factors responsible for having a negative influence over mind. Here, the focus of treatment is the person rather than the disease itself. Application of fragrance that could make a mind happy could also be a clue to the disease elimination.


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Methods of Bach flower remedy would involve taking the remedial mixes orally.  For short term mood correction, you may put a drop of remedial mix from the floral essence in a glass of water and sip gently. Depending upon the intensity of mood fluctuations, you may increase the dosage.


Homeopathic globules and plants
* It affects the spiritual and physical wellbeing of a person.
* They can be beneficial to the impressive mind of children. It helps them in overcoming learning difficulties.
* Reduces stress and anxiety.
* Helps in developing mental focus.
* Boosts self confidence.
* Heightens self esteem.
* These dilutions are mostly composed of cherry plums, clementis, star of Bethlehem and rock rose. These have immense beneficial effects like inducement of tranquility and curing various mental and physical disorders.

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