Adenoiditis Alternative Medicine

Adenoiditis Alternative Medicine

Adenoiditis: Alternative Medicine


Top Alternative Medicine

1. Throat gargles

As the adenoids get abnormally enlarged and swollen when infected, they obstruct the airways and cause great discomfort to children. This often leads to other complications like severe sore throat, nose bleeds, ear infections and even hearing loss. Saline gargle is an age old remedy for tonsils and sore throat infections. A teaspoon of table salt in hot water (but not too hot) makes a great saline gargle. This increases the blood circulation in the throat which is helpful in easing the throat. Alternate with hot and cold water gargles for best results. This should be done at least 3-4 times a day. Gargles with goldenseal tea, echinacea and myrrh several times a day reduces glandular swelling very effectively.

2. Juice of garlic

Garlic is a natural antibiotic which has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. Take three or four cloves of garlic and crush it to a paste. Warm the paste slightly and extract the juice from the garlic. Add a few drops of honey to make it palatable for children. Swollen adenoids respond very well to this treatment. Increase the quantity if you are going to travel. A change in climate can trigger adenoiditis, so keep this remedy handy while traveling.

3. Steam inhalation

Steam inhalation with a few drops of eucalyptus oil before going to bed helps nasal congestion and throat pain. The warmth of the steam stimulates blood circulation and relieves pain immediately. Eucalyptus oil helps in reducing the bacterial infection without causing resistance. It is an essential oil with natural antibiotic properties.

4. Homeopathic treatment

Hydrastis is used when the adenoid growth has mucus that is yellow colored and for general lymphoid hypertrophy. One part of a tincture of Hydrastis to six parts of glycerine is made into a tampon and inserted deep into each nostril for fifteen minutes. Adenoids are permanently cured by just one week dose of Tuberculinium or Bacillinum. Calcarea iodide relieves adenoids that are febrile in structure; Baryta carbonica helps children who have recurring attacks of acute tonsillitis and adenoiditis, and Agraphis nutans which is a catarrhal remedy acts on obstructions in the nostrils and deafness due to adenoids. Dosage must be recommended by the physician.

5. Remedies off the kitchen shelves

Common fruits and vegetables have incredible medicinal properties too. Lime juice with honey and salt mixed in warm water soothes the throat. Cut a lemon in half, sprinkle salt and pepper. Steam the lemon for a few minutes and lick the lemon juice. This is a great lozenge. Add a few drops of honey to sweeten the lime if required. Juices of beet and carrot are also effective as it soothes the throat and provides vitamin C. Vitamin C builds up resistance for infections in the respiratory tract.

6. Hot milk and herbal teas

A pinch of pepper powder along with a pinch of turmeric can be boiled in milk and sweetened for taste. Give it to the patient before he/she goes to bed. Pepper and turmeric have anti bacterial properties, and the hot milk soothes the throat. Very small children may not be able to tolerate the spiced milk. In such cases, use very little pepper and turmeric, mix them in a spoonful of honey and administer the medicine. The honey keeps the throat well hydrated and prevents dryness. Herbal teas prepared with red clover, burdoch root, and sassafras taken thrice a day relieves the glandular swelling and reduces infection. A decoction of fresh ginger, mint, basil, cardamom, and pepper works well too.

7. Yoga

Certain postures and breathing exercises in yoga greatly help adenoids and tonsils infection. But, this should be done with the guidance of an experienced teacher. These breathing techniques stimulate the energy centers and help the body’s mechanism to heal itself. The general health and resistance is greatly improved with blood circulation improving the tone of every nerve and muscle. Mucus causes congestion in the throat and nasal passages which clears up with certain yogic exercises reducing the swelling and infection.

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