Wake up the greedy gambler in you!

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There is gambler in every man. Sometimes, one wakes up this gambler sleeping within him, and sometimes this gambler becomes a permanent element in his personality. The intention of every lottery advertisements is to wake up the greedy gambler within you!

This print advertisement for loteria de la provincia conveys the idea with a simple and funny concept. An element of fun is indeed expected in every lottery ads, as they are dealing with a care-free side of human nature. Though this ad can not be described as highly innovative, it can be said as effective, because money matters, and the ‘catch’line too- 4 million bucks. The New Year jack pot

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Advertising Agency: Braga Menendez, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Creative Director: Bruno Gerondi

Art Director: Horacio Ledesma

Copywriter: Catriel Aiello

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