Understanding ways to gain authentic Instagram followers

gain authentic Instagram followers
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Having several Instagram followers helps you increase your popularity, improve your brand image and get more followers. For the simple reason that  people are more likely to follow someone with a large fan base, it’s evident why social marketers have now begun to realize the importance of gaining authentic Instagram followers.

If you want to recruit authentic followers, you need to study in detail their interests and interactions on Instagram.The Snoopreport Instagram tracker online will help you with this. View weekly and monthly reports of Instagram activity in your Snoopreport dashboard. Dial down Instagram activity by a specific individual, including new followers, everything they liked in a week or month, or the number of pictures or videos they liked. Discover a person’s interests by judging the content he or she liked and tracking their most liked hashtags.

Growing your fan base and getting most Instagram likes organically is bound to take you some time and that is where buying Instagram followers comes in. When you buy Instagram followers, your fan base increases in a short time. However, you need to make sure you are buying authentic Instagram followers who are real and active. Anyone getting fake followers always runs the risk of getting banned by Instagram. On the other hand, active and real followers are likely to engage with you; thereby, providing an element of authenticity to your Instagram fan base.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to ensure you buy authentic Instagram followers.

1.     Check the credibility of the seller

gain authentic Instagram followers

You are sure to come across many Instagram followers sellers in the market, but not all of them sell genuine followers. You need to check whether you are buying the followers from a credible seller who will give you genuine followers and not bots and fake Instagram accounts. You can check online reviews provided by other customers who have used the service.

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2.     Secure and safe

Having fake Instagram followers can cause your account to be banned. Ensure that you buy authentic followers from a provider who ensures to take all possible safety measures and meet Instagram’s terms and conditions to prevent your IG account from being banned. Similarly, to ensure safety, you are never supposed to share your Instagram password with anyone.

3.     Try out

One sure way to find out if you are buying authentic Instagram followers is to try out the service. A good provider will allow you to try out the service to ascertain whether the followers are authentic or not before you can go ahead and buy. You can differentiate between fake and authentic followers by checking their engagement levels. Do they like and share your content? Do they comment on your posts? Do they view your pictures and posts? This way, you may come across one of the best place to buy active Instagram followers.

4.     Check if the provider targets your kind of audience

gain authentic Instagram followersYour target audience depends on your niche. That’s why the IG followers should be your targeted audience who are interested in your content. This way, you will get more participation and engagement. The provider can target your audience by using location tags, hashtags, and username.

5.     Analyze your Instagram stats

One way you can know if the Instagram followers you buy are authentic is to analyze stats. While Instagram does not have tools that display statistics for a normal profile, you can connect your account to websites that have this service. Even better, you can always access Instagram analytics if you switch to a business profile.

Your stats can give you interesting information such as views on your posts, which images are performing better, the photos that get more response and the best time to post. You will also know the level of engagement of your followers based on likes, views, and comments. Genuine followers are more engaged and they will comment and like your posts and photos more often than those fake ones.

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