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Landing page is page where the user lands once he clicks on a certain link or a site. The key is to advertise in a manner that the transformation of a prospective customer is done to a regular or a permanent customer smoothly and easily. One has to keep in mind the perquisites that visitors often do not read they scan things online. Therefore, there are approximately 8 seconds to convince the potential buyer to stay on your website and read the content.

Various Types of Landing Pages are as follows:

Standalone landing pages: These are designed for specific products and specific form of advertising modules.

On-site landing pages: These pages often include the homepage or service or product pages.

Microsites: These are designed for multi page websites.

In addition to these, there are various forms of subtypes of landing pages. These subtypes are:

Teaser Pages: These pages give enough information for the user to read the next cycle, which is generated by another click. Each next click makes the reader a potential customer and if no one proceeds further, is not to be considered a target or potential customer.

Viral landing Pages: The prime objective of these pages is to transform the visitors into customers also alluring them to market the site through word of mouth marketing. Good viral landing pages have rich content, great incentives and highly convincing factors.

Squeeze Pages: These pages are known to collect the information of the user and later use it as an important part of the business strategy.A well-designed squeeze page typically has one objective and no navigation or links to other pages.

Informercial Landing Pages: These landing pages are highly engaging, once you are reading; it totally engulfs you from all ends. Consumers often get anxious waiting for a lucrative offer, after investing so much of effort reading through the page. These pages are very tightly targeted to a specific market niche.

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Homepage: These landing pages are like an index of a book that helps you reach a particular page. From here, you can go to any link or page and reach your exact destination, which you had been looking for.

Product specific landing pages: This is a very common, but useful type of landing page as it already exists. It advertises all the required information regarding your product.

The elements of a landing page should be such that they initiate a conversion process and has an overall impact. It involves targeting the potentials to make them loyal and integrated customers. There are certain very important don’ts that need to be kept in mind while designing a landing page. These are avoiding error pages, broken links, adding too much text, inadequate shipping details, reset buttons and so forth.

A perfect landing page has following characteristics:

  • An appropriate and catchy headline
  • A sub heading that relates to you headline and gives a purview of your message
  • A single purpose-landing page
  • Easily understandable message
  • Stating the incentives clearly to the user
  • Effective imagery that justifies the text
  • A professional outlook of the landing page
  • Synchronization between the landing page and the web page
  • statement link or statement of the Privacy Policy near the submit button

Thus, it is all about the presentation of the landing page that plays with the psychology of the potential buyer.

Summary: Landing pages should be eye pleasing and effective to convert the interested buyer into actual customer. The landing page has to be effectively designed so that the offers appear even more lucrative to the potential eye.

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