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In today’s world, more customer involvement refers to increased social media sales. The art of involving customers comes with many complexities. Bonding between the company and the customer is a reflection of a trustworthy bond generated through a healthy customer experience. With the advent of digital technology at all fronts, the way in which the communication happens between the customer and the company has changed manifolds.

Tablets, emails, iPods, mobile apps, net books etc have brought in a revolution in the way customer relationships with a company are handled. Lives have rather become a digital stream. Every person uses technology in some form or the other mainly to add convenience to his or her lives. From electronic banking to online shopping, the world has changed, tremendously becoming digital.

Customers first:

Digitalization has changed the outlook of the customers. Connecting with them online and offline is another major concern. The expectations of the customers all around the globe are different. Thus, the way they need to be handled is also different. It is of utmost importance to understand the needs of a digital customer in order to communicate with them effectively.

The best way is know your customers and put them first. Customers are the kings and they know what they want, the key to make them happy is to manipulate your strategies according to the customers. Making the customers appear bigger players, helps the revenues to go up tremendously and the market base becomes even stronger.

Understanding your customers and their needs is a concept that was duly promoted by the father of marketing Philip Kotler. Customer satisfaction largely increases your profit margins. It is indeed a fundamental step to formulate a digital strategy in accordance to the understanding of your audiences.

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Today there are so many ways of shopping available, and different people makes use of these facilities in different ways. More the options available in this digitalized world the more efficient and effective you have to be in your stream as excelling will help you have a better customer base.

Know your customers well:

In the understanding of your digital customers, you also need to make an extensive analysis about the age of the customer you are catering. Contrary to the belief that most of the customers online are young, it is suggested that the younger customers are like to venture offline. Although a little too surprising but it is true. The usage of the most popular tablet device, the iPad on a weekly basis, is the highest in the 35 to 44 year old age both in the Us and UK.

In knowing your digital customers, it is highly important to know the pattern in which the customer wishes to access the online portal on their respective digital devices. For example, In the UK, mobile site is used more often than mobile apps; Retail sector sees the highest use of mobile sites as well as mobile apps. In the US, people prefer using a mobile site instead of a mobile application, except when research concerns retail purchases.

The digital era has changed the consumer preferences and behaviors greatly. The key is to work in a way that keeps them elated and satisfied. Thus, it is crucial to identify trends and technologies that plays with preferences and demands with the customers and formulating strategies in accordance to these factors.

Summary: In the world where digitization has reached the epitome of success, the customer behavior has also taken a leap in all regards. There has been a significant change in the preferences, tastes and demands of the customers. The best way is therefore to know the customer well and then cater to him accordingly.

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