Think outside the box, before you fill it in

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Political advertisements are seldom seen entertaining and using a brilliant creative idea for its campaign. However, this fascinating print advertisement campaign was published in Belgium, which urged people to diversify their choices during an election, which can trigger fresh idea and perspective in the council. Generally, people vote for white male in their 40 to 50 years of age, despite the fact that Belgium is a place of a multi-cultural society. The advertisement campaign urges people to break from traditional shackles and inhibitions to try to elect people from diverse make-up in order to make the council a true representative of a multi-layered society of Belgium.

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The advertisements are interestingly showing famous movie characters but in an altered form such as hulk is being shown as a woman and a black man posing as superman, in order to portray, people’s mind-set of think differently and independently. The punch line of the campaign reads, ‘Think outside the box, before you fill it in’. The campaign was created by LDV United, Antwerp, Belgium.

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