How to find quality web hosting for eCommerce Sites

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When setting up your internet store, you will want to build your site on a platform that provides everything you need to list your products and start selling instantly. This means signing up to a web host which specializes in ecommerce – and luckily, there are plenty that fit this requirement.

We’ve compiled this list of best web hosts for ecommerce to make your job easy. Find a useful overview of some hosting platforms with this hosting resource on Read on to know more about such web hosting platforms:


SiteGround’s plans include a heap of benefits, including optimized services especially for ecommerce, daily back-up, multiple server locations, 24-hour support, and free transfer from your current host. The best part? Plans start from just $4 per month. A steal.

Their aim is to make your store experience ultra-quick and enjoyable, to bag you some repeat customers. Different plans are suitable for different amounts of site visitors – so make sure you keep an eye on your scale and upgrade when you need to. Larger plans are of course more expensive; but you won’t care about a little extra expense when you’re making big bucks from your products with SiteGround’s help.

SiteGround is secure, keeps all sites entirely separate so that one is never affected by another, offers you a choice of 18 specialized ecommerce apps to install, and processes transactions lightning-fast. Leave your store in the capable hands of SiteGround and check out their bargain deals now.


This host brings your ecommerce site to life through WordPress – the internet’s most popular site builder. It stocks hundreds (if not thousands) of templates for your store, no coding knowledge necessary. For beginners to ecommerce, this could be the best choice for you.

Powerful technology fuels this host, providing you with a high-performance site with agile functions and a mass of solutions so you can create your store exactly how you imagined it. What’s more, WordPress CMS is the simplest to use on the web, with award-winning support. Any question or problem you have while building a site will be rectified in no time with their team behind you.

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To help you further, the WPengine site provides multiple resources towards building an engaging ecommerce site that will capture your audience and ensure they return again and again. Make your store a firm favorite by building with WPengine – its simple and easy interface will mean that customers love using it and you will enjoy building it.


Magento is a cloud-based ecommerce platform that claims to be the world’s ‘most flexible platform’. This means everything is customizable and designed for extraordinary growth. They provide users with the power to create a truly bespoke and engaging shopping experience for customers, which is one they’ll want to repeat again and again.

As it’s stored on cloud, you won’t be paying for limited server space. With the expansion of your site, your platform expands with it. Magento puts no barriers in the way of your business’s scale.

This platform comes with a ready-made network for you to harness: partners, developers and merchants are all at hand to help with whatever you need to bring your store to life. The site supports any size business, and they’re so confident you’ll love their platform that they offer a 30-day free subscription. What are you waiting for?


Wix lets you set up an ecommerce site quickly and easily, with a drag-and-drop building tool that lets you personalize your site with no knowledge of coding. It’s connected to a well-stocked app market place, so you can add anything you need onto your interface and produce the best shopping experience for your customers.

Choose from hundreds of pre-built, customizable themes, and throw yourself into the development process, which customers report is straightforward and easy to get a hang of. Overall, Wix is a perfect choice for someone starting out in ecommerce – it’s an industry leader well-known for producing amazing results for its customers. Create exactly the store you had in mind with Wix.

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