Guide to drive traffic with SEO services and link-building

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Is search engine optimization becoming less and less significant? Are SEO services such as PPC and PFP making organic listings less and less relevant? There is a strong argument to suggest this as our search results are becoming more and more littered with ads and sponsored links. However, search engines still maintain that organized listings still get 70% of all web traffic.

Guide to drive traffic with SEO services and link-building

SEO services – What Are PFP Search Engines?

These SEO services allow anyone to pay to get their site at the top of high traffic listings. If you want an example of a sponsored link, simply type in a search term and take a look down the right hand side, they are everywhere. In this article, we have briefly discussed what types of PFP services there are and roughly how they work to drive traffic to your pages.

PPC and PFP – the easiest ways to gain traffic


PPC is one of the most widely recognizes PFP SEO services and is strongly linked with Google AdWords. This system allows you to place an ad linking to your site at the top of Google’s index and even on other websites offering you maximum exposure. You only pay when someone clicks on your ads therefore, you are only paying for the traffic and not the exposure. This is a very common and widely used SEO service.

Paid inclusion relates to a one off fee you pay to have your site included in highly relevant directories. The most common of these directories are Yahoo! search submit and Yahoo! directory submit. Both charge around a certain fee for you to include a link to your site in their directory. The benefits of doing this are maximum online visibility and a very high quality back link. This will help your search engine optimization efforts.

How PFP is different than PPC and how it helps your business

The last type of PFP SEO services are paid sponsorship and this is similar to PPC, however you pay a flat rate to a search engine to have your sites listed alongside natural organic search results. When a searcher types in a keyword that you have chosen to advertise on, they will see your link above the organic listings.

SEO link building campaigns is another way to enhance your traffic inflow


Until recently, SEO link building campaigns did not include social bookmarking services. But now they are a key element of such campaigns. Businesses have started paying more attention to the indexing of their websites to sustain the competition and for better ranking.  This is why, now they even opt for backlinking and other such ways where in they can generate more traffic. Without quality backlinks, no SEO linking building campaign is complete.

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What exactly is social bookmarking and how is it related to link building?

Actually it’s very simple – we have a bookmarks or a favorites section in our internet browser where we keep our preferred websites – well social bookmarks are exactly the same thing. It isn’t just the list of favorite websites is not kept in our computer but all the links are stored in the personal profile created on these social service websites.

The advantages are that we can access this list from any computer connected to the internet not just from our homes, and furthermore, we can even share these links with our friends and organize them into categories or areas of interest.

Since social media platforms and websites are so popular; you have to ensure that the strategy of using backlinks has to be effective. Not only does the mean that you have to create back links to your website; you also need to ensure that they are tagged with the relevant keywords of your product or service.

This types of SEO services can help you sell the product or service effectively while reaching out to the right type of audience. With SEO linking building campaigns, you can significantly increase the number of visitors to your web page at ease.

Is an SEO linking building campaign effective?

SEO-servicesSo now that you understand how important social services are to link building, how can you use this information to your advantage? Well, almost all SEO experts include a social bookmarks plan in their link building campaigns, but are they all effective?

The truth is that there are a lot of so-called SEO gurus out there who claim that their SEO services are the best. They submit their client’s pages to hundreds of social bookmarking websites to help generate traffic.

But what is much more important here than the number of backlinks generated is the quality of the content that was submitted to the social bookmarking website. Moreover, it is also important to submit to the best social bookmarking websites on the Internet, the ones that have a page rank between 4 and 9.

SEO provides the best link building campaigns by carefully examining the social bookmarking service market and taking into account their optimization, their speed of indexing by Google and the quality of their maintenance.

Major ground rules that are important

As mentioned before, it is important to take into consideration the kind of content that is submitted to the bookmarking websites. Two major ground rules that must be followed in order to have great content:

  • Use a title that can draw reader’s interest, and then use a writing style that will keep the interest until the end of the short description posted.
  • Don’t forget to submit to the right category and to use the tags that suit the target website best.

If you do this, not only will you make the reader want to visit your pages in order to read more, but he can also recommend the website to his friends through the social bookmarking services, which all provide the feature of sharing favorite links with your friends.

With all this being said you can see why submitting to social bookmarking services should be a part of every high quality link building campaign. Offer manual submissions to the best bookmarking websites on the Internet, so sign up for a social bookmarking link building campaign now and see the results.

A concluding note on SEO services

SEO-servicesSEO services like this are making online marketing easier and easier, it also gives a business owner with a new idea a chance to reach his target audience online without waiting 6 – 12 months for search engine optimization efforts to kick in. One word of warning though is that they can be very expensive and complex to use effectively, especially Google AdWords, which will need you to study and understand it before diving in.

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