Internet has levelled the playing field to a great extent by giving access to global markets. For small businesses to figure in the first page of search engines may appear intimidating, but there are simple techniques to fight the big guns.

Fighting the Giants

An out and out combat is not required to make your presence felt online, smart search engine optimization (SEO) strategies will do the trick by creating relevant web presence. Search engines such as Google and Bing also have a market to cater to; hence, they favor websites that are most relevant to the search entry. So, if your business specializes in a particular product or service, in a particular region, then your website will automatically get higher page ranking.

Concentrating on your Niche

While large companies have the width to market all their products and services, it is better for small companies to concentrate on some key services or products. In this way, they will be working constantly with limited set of keywords which will enable them to create greater visibility. This will also help you market the unique selling point of your business which will create an online identity for your business.

Hyper-localization to glocalization

using SEO

Small businesses have the distinct advantage of being connected with a specific location and are aware of the market. With the latest Pigeon update, Google has placed a lot of importance by mobile search and the geo-location technology built into mobile devices. This facilitates proximity marketing and gives added advantage to local businesses. With location-based searches and targeted keywords, small businesses gain a distinct advantage in availing greater visibility.

Reviews and Content

If you don’t have a website, make sure you make it great on the leading review sites. If you have a website, still make sure that you get great reviews on the top review sites. Reviews are given directly by customers and hold a lot of weightage. Amongst locals and visitors, review sites help in identifying businesses and the customer service that can be expected.

Content continues to be the unshaken king of great SEO. Give something unique, useful and credible. It should create brand trust and awareness while informing readers of your expertise in the field. Stay content publishing schedule send information of your involvement and knowledge updates.

Internet has mostly levelled the playing field for businesses and extended its reach. With a sound SEO strategy, you can gain greater visibility for your business and help it grow.