Education instead of repression

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Well, people listen to stars, even when they are talking about AIDS and the necessity of using condoms. A lot of stars are appearing in the new AIDS awareness campaign from the Berlin association forget AIDS is no eV.

Alexander Becht, Ross Anthony, Collin Fernandes, Nova Meier Henrich, Kerstin Linnartz, Jochen Schropp, Vera int Veen, Karolin Peiter, Jo Halbig, Mimi Kraus and Gabrielle Scharnitzky- Theses are the eleven stars who endorse the Campaign.

In various TV commercials and posters, these 11 stars talk in favor of using condoms to prevent HIV. The motto is “Education instead of repression!”


Creation: Bad Mach advertising, Waldsee

Director and photographer: Phillip Glaser

Dr Prem Web Design and Development

Production of TV spots:
Berlin film Titan

Via: Scary Ideas

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