Dr Prem’s guide for Medical Tourism Facilitator Business

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Doing Business as a Medical Tourism Facilitator

  • About Medical Tourism Facilitators
  • Arranging for surgery
  • Fulfilling the expectations of the customer:
  • Gearing up for the worst
  • How is a medical tourism facilitators selected by the patients?
  • How is accreditation important in Medical Tourism Facilitation Business
  • How shall a facilitator acquire a patient?
  • How to start a business as Medical Tourism Facilitator?
  • Importance of medical tourism facilitator
  • Informing about medico-legal and ethical cases
  • Insurance & Documentation
  • Role of Facilitator in Medical Tourism Industry
  • Tourism Arrangements
  • What is Medical Tourism facilitation?

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  • A medical tourism facilitator provides a comprehensive support system
  • How to select a good medical tourism facilitator? What are the essential roles of a medical tourism facilitator?
  • Medical tourism facilitators should be knowledgeable of tourism and travel activities
  • Medical tourism facilitators should offer concierge services
  • Medical tourism facilitators should understand ethical and legal requirements
  • Medical tourism facilitators should understand medical services
  • Optional services provided by medical tourism facilitators
  • Special precautions for patients: Avoiding the online trap
  • Special precautions for patients: Developing one-on-one communication programs
  • Special precautions for patients: Finding a good facilitator/agency
  • Special precautions for patients: What a patient should not discuss with a facilitator
  • What are the major disadvantages of using a medical tourism facilitator?
  • What can a medical tourism facilitator do for a patient?
  • What should a patient expect from a facilitator?
  • Why should a patient pay a medical tourism facilitator
  • Why should a patient use a medical tourism facilitator?
  • Why should patients be careful when selecting a medical tourism facilitator?
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