Career Tips

Just like some of your habits enable you to lead a good life, there are some habits that play an integral role in boosting one’s career as well. They are the habits that influence the way you work with others […]

Boost Your Career

Freshly graduated candidates have a choice of joining corporate jobs or becoming a part of emerging startups. Corporate jobs seem more lucrative as they are high-paying jobs with nice benefits, whereas joining a startup that is just kicking off is

Startup Career

It has been long that you haven’t received any intimation from the companies you had sent your resume to. Mistakes in your resume could be the reason behind. You may be an ideal candidate for a particular job but your

Resume Mistakes

It is an all too common scenario these days. An individual resigns his 9 to 5 job in order to father his startup. However, down the lane, he decides to sell off the startup or close it completely. He is

An appraisal meeting is an excellent opportunity for you to express and prove your worth for your organization. You can do so by presenting all the achievements you’ve made through the last appraisal. You should put up a confident attitude

Performance Appraisal Meetings

Numerous body language studies have explained the importance of how your body expresses your confidence or nervousness to the outside world. For TV anchors, maintaining a body language that showcases their confidence and the positive outlook becomes mandatory. Understanding this

need to have great body language

For the world, it may look like you have a job and you are happy. But deep within, something tells you that this is not what you want from your life or your job. It is that phase in your

your career isn't fulfilling

Senior year in college is when it strikes mast that the purpose of their education was to land a job. This is the time when students scramble to straighten their resume, build contacts and read seriously about current events to

Social media has now become a very important tool for prospective employees as well as employers. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, etc. have become important tools for job searches across the world. Via social media, one can

job hunting

We have all been there and done that! Attending an interview, we are answering questions left, right and center when suddenly, a question throws us off guard. Our mind goes blank and we literally lose our entire train of thought.

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