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The main aim of motivational workshop is to commit more time towards your business and you as an individual. Motivational workshops can act as a ladder to raise your business to next phase. This workshop helps a lot and enables […]

motivational workshop

To possess a strong personal brand it is mandatory to be linked to a network. It is true that some of our greatest achievements are carried out with the help of relationships and hence it is required to produce a

When you’re in the world of business, the skill set an individual possesses judges his capacity and future action. Anything can be made successful or failure only with the help of his skills. The main features required in any work

improve skills

Market needs keep changing as do people’s preferences. It is more apt to say it evolves. The difference is that one thing does not metamorphosis into another. Rather it builds upon an existing skeleton by adding features block by block.

Any sensible soul that entertains the thoughts of stepping up the ladder of success at a substantial pace should avoid committing certain mistakes when eyeing for a fruitful career ahead of them. It doesn’t even matter which career option one

Today there is much competition in the work field and the economy too is at a complex turn. In such a scenario, it has become difficult to land a good job and then to retain it. It is not just

Aptitude tests are multiple choice questions that help decide a person’s abilities regarding logical reasoning, thinking performance, capability and intelligence. These questions are timed and the person taking the test has to complete the whole questionnaire in a specified period

A person at work is how confident he or she feels. The freshness, the challenge, the romance you had once felt at work is now a fading memory. In settles ever expanding workload, boredom, dissatisfaction and monotony of work. The

There are times when you feel life is going extremely difficult for you. You are not able to manage things and are also not able to perform to the fullest. At such times, depression can take a toll on you

IQ is nothing but intelligent quotient and is an evaluation of mental ability or comprehension speed. It is a scientific evaluation of your intelligence and is inferred from general knowledge, ability to solve problems, spatial imagery memory and mot more.

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