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Understanding the different Romanian immigration requirements for long and short term stay

Known as one of the developing countries in the world; Romania is the land of opportunities. People from various part of the globe flock the country for better career growth in areas like electric energy, exporting of machines etc. It is also home to some of the big names like OMV Petrom and Automobile Dacia. Given the fact that the country’s economy is growing at a rapid growth; many people have been migrating to the country in the recent times. If you are planning to shift to the country, it is important that you should obtain information on the Romanian immigration requirements.

Understanding the visa immigrate to Romania

visaThe Romanian immigration requirements are very different for those who come from the European Union countries and for Non-EU citizens.

For Swiss Confederation/ EEA and EU citizens

For citizens of the various countries that fall under the European Union; they would need to provide a valid national documentation of their identity. They are allowed to cross the border and can stay in Romania for maximum of three months at a time. If they require an extension to stay in the country; they would need to register their residence.

For non EU citizens

If you are a non EU citizen, then you can get a short term visa for up to 90 days without any interruptions. For those who are wondering how to get permanent residency in Romania; you can contact any of the local agencies or immigration lawyers to help you out with the entire process.

Factors that help in obtaining a permanent visa

investing in a startupThere are various purposes wherein a person can get a visa based on the Romanian immigration requirements; some of them are as follows

  • If you plan to own/start a business in Romania
  • A visa can also be obtained for professional or commercial activities
  • Some people also seek information on how to move to Romania for religious and scientific research activities
  • There are also Romanian immigration requirements that are designed for people who are part of a voluntary program or wish to study in the country
  • You can also become an immigrate to Romania for family reunification or long term medical and health care requirements.

Obtaining for professional help to understand/obtain a visa based on Romanian immigration requirements

We all know that obtaining a visa for any country is not easy; the same is applicable if you are wondering how to get permanent residency in Romania. Thankfully, you do have the backing of seeking help from lawyers who are specialised with Immigration and visa services.

These professionals not only know the Romanian immigration requirements; however, they will also guide you accordingly. Some of the many services that they offer include

  • Provide consultancy services on how to move to Romania with long and short visas
  • Helping foreign citizens to obtain the necessary work permits
  • Obtaining a 21 day visa for businesses or work reasons
  • Extending the present visa that you have along with fulfilling the necessary formalities for residential permit
  • Obtaining a Romanian citizenship/visa for work and studies

Business and Diplomatic visas

For people holding a business or diplomatic passport; the Romanian Government offer special visa’s on this front. With the help of a lawyer, you can obtain the necessary permit after completing the formalities and paperwork.

These types of visas are generally provided after obtaining the permission from the Ministry of External Affairs. Moreover, you can also get a visa for your family members or anybody accompanying you during your stay.

The Business or Diplomatic visa is generally valid as long as you stay in the country; however, the people who travel regularly can obtain a long term visa based on the frequency of their travel.

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