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Mind Over Matter: How to Feel Wealthy Right Now — and Be Wealthy Tomorrow

Perhaps the most fundamental psychological insight of all time — identified by everyone from Sigmund Freud to Joseph Murphy — is that in order for us to experience something in our outer reality, we first must feel it within. Indeed, a changed mind works wonders and makes you a winner in life.


Of course, in an informal and certainly unintentional way, most of us (if not all of us) are familiar with how this works from the other direction. When we feel afraid, angry, or helpless, outer circumstances invariably arrange themselves to resonate with that sentiment. In simpler terms: we create our own reality.

For example: when we’re enraged about something and get behind the wheel, we’re much more likely to find reasons — in the form of other drivers — to add to our anger. What’s more, many schools of metaphysical thought go as far to say that we actually attract what we project. So, to return to the driving example, when we’re angry, we don’t just ignore the 99% of drivers who are driving normally and isolate the 1% who trigger our anger. We actually play a role in creating the 1%.

In light of this, let’s switch channels to a topic that concerns pretty much everyone: building and sustaining wealth. As both psychologists and metaphysicians agree, we need to emotionally emit and resonate the message “I am wealthy.” Not “I’m going to be wealthy” or, “I hope to be wealthy.” We actually have to feel as though wealth has arrived and is a fixture in our lives.

But how do we do this? Affirmations can help — but they’re just one part of the puzzle. Although the mind is susceptible to suggestion, merely saying “I am wealthy” over and over won’t get the job done. We need to make adjustments in our lives — that is, our external reality — that deepens the feeling of wealth internally.

Now, I know what you might be asking: “how can I experience wealth in my life when, practically speaking, I’m not wealthy right now?” That’s a valid question, but one with an easy solution. As noted above, the mind is susceptible to suggestion (as any hypnotist will verify). As such, you don’t have to have 10 million dollars in your bank account in order to truly feel wealthy. Until that abundance manifests in your life (or more specifically, in your bank account), you can do some affordable things that align your emotions and energy with “being wealthy.” Here are three suggestions:

1. Dress the Part


Each day, make sure that you dress professionally and that your clothes are neat and tidy — even if you don’t plan on going anywhere, or aren’t expecting to meet anyone. This isn’t about anyone else: it’s about you, and feeling that you’re empowered by wealth. And remember: you don’t have to wear thousand-dollar power suits to feel wealthy. You can wear simple and inexpensive clothes.

2. Volunteer Your Time


This suggestion may seem strange — or maybe just plain stupid. After all, shouldn’t you be spending as much time as possible trying to make money? The answer is a clear, definitive no! Even if you can only spare 1-2 hours a week, volunteering your time at a local charity (or through the web if you prefer) will give you an enormous sense of satisfaction, and help you adopt a mindset of contributing your labors because you want to — not because you have to.  The former is what we experience when we’re struggling to make ends meet. The latter is what we experience when abundance is on our side. And of course, you’ll be making a positive difference in the lives of others — which is also another thing that wealthy people do a great deal of, but often don’t get credit for.

3. Be Willing to Spend



This is a difficult piece of advice for some people to follow. Naturally, to build wealth, you need to save more than you spend (which, by the way, is what 100% of wealthy people do). Yet with this being said, it’s a mistake to get so obsessed with saving that you’re terrified to spend a little here and there. For example: if you’ve been working hard and staying disciplined, you and your friends might consider a party bus rental to experience some affordable luxury for a few hours. This is just one small example of how you can “recharge your abundance batteries,” and ultimately deepen the message that you are wealthy right now — not years from now.

The Bottom Line

Your mind is a neutral tool: it will either work for you, or it will work against you. If your goal is to be wealthy and enjoy abundance, then the above will help make your mind an ally — instead of an obstacle, or even an enemy.

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