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10 Expert Tips for Getting the Most Out of Agile Marketing

Agile marketing helps you keep pace with the fast changing market. Staying ahead is crucial to gaining market share and increasing profits. You have to stand out from the large amount of advertising content available to consumers. Agile marketing is gaining momentum as companies cash in on topics trending on social media and the internet, to be relevant at all times.  Agile marketing grabs attention, is flexible and timely. Here are 10 tips for getting the most out of agile marketing:

Prioritize sprint planning

Your agile marketing strategy will be as effective as your sprint planning. You should spend enough time to plan sprints well ahead. Take care not to make into a time consuming project, but you have to ensure that all members of the team do plan thoughtfully their sprints, in order to be prepared.

Break down into smaller pieces

In case your sprint is filled with vague tasks and too many estimated hours allotted to each sprint, it would be harder to track the progress of your sprint, it’s better to break a big project down into smaller tasks.

Don’t assume

Agile marketing requires you to be always alert, prepared to produce effective marketing campaigns as the latest story evolves. Though some marketers have successfully predicted the latest changes, and produced timely campaigns, this strategy may sometimes backfire.

Produce many small campaigns

Even if your company uses extremely sophisticated tools for research, it still is very difficult to predict the big story which will break next. If you are prepared to produce content or ads aimed at only a particular story, your brand may not be relevant. The better way is to produce quick ads and content in short cycles or timeframes, and hope one hits the mark, and you go ‘viral’.

Popular topics don’t matter

It’s a mistake to confuse popular topics with trending topics. Popular topics have a follower base already, and it is hard to break into this base. Agile marketing methods target trending topics, i.e.  topics which are just capturing the attention of people. Agile marketing strategy is to capture the initial attention before big names overtake you.

Start with a small team

Start with a small team, maybe 4-7 people who understand the ins and outs of agile marketing. You should also ensure that your team is trained and comfortable in using tools of agile marketing. Get small successes and build on them. Initially, you will have to be patient as you learn to use agile marketing methods, and speed will come later.

Jump in

To transition to agile marketing, the best way is to just starting to use it. You can start 2 week sprints but you have to be flexible enough to change. It’s all about teamwork and you should encourage everyone to give their inputs when they spot better ways of accomplishing something.

Breaking old habits

Agile marketing helps you to become aware of the way you’ve been doing things, and forces the formation of new habits which completely breaks old patterns. You can then invent new patterns and find it challenging and refreshing.

Think only outlines

As agile marketing is driven by trending stories, you cannot really create detailed campaigns beforehand. You can only create outlines of campaigns which can be altered according to ‘breaking’ news stories. But preparing at least some content beforehand will help you come up with striking campaigns, when you have to. For example, you can prepare for Superbowl or other events which you know will trend.

Evaluate successes

You should evaluate the success of each technique, to understand what works. Experts recommend the Scrum methodology in order to make agile marketing work for you. With this methodology, you can plan, review, implement, and evaluate your agile sprints. Your team members have to meet regularly to keep track of the sprint/s.

Agile marketing should not b your only marketing strategy. It should be part of a larger marketing strategy. You can use agile marketing to tap into timely trends but it does not allow good planning.10% agile marketing, 20% automatically generated marketing using data collected and 70% of your campaign must be planned well, data based and focusing on clear goals.


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