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Data from 1000+ marketers identifies the #1 enemy of marketing

What is integrated marketing? This is probably the best way to begin this discussion as this will be the main topic here. Integrated marketing is primarily an attempt to make different channels work as one through some common programs and campaigns. This is only a brief description to integrated marketing as there is a lot more that can be added to it. An integrated marketing survey was conducted recently in collaboration with Target Marketing and the marketers were asked to list out the components of integrated marketing and how they would rank each one of them. Here is what the survey brought out.


Components of integrated marketing

  • Brand experience is one number one on this list and it refers to the effect a particular brand creates with the help of its logo. It basically measures the performance of a company on the parameter of brand experience through different channels.
  • Promotions or messaging is second on the list and it is definitely not easy as every channel or a group of people require different way of convincing.
  • User experience is next and it basically a total add up of view, read shop or interact.
  • Timing is also an important component of integrated marketing and sometimes the campaigns show instant results while there are times when they do their work in a gradual manner.
  • Data comes next on the list and it means to have together all the technologies that can be used to attain the same result.
  • Attribution is the last one on the list of components. The marketers need to understand completely the role played by the many channels and the ones that keep adding to the list.



The survey that was conducted showed both good and bad news for the integrated marketing. The bad news is that the firms that face internal political barriers are facing a severe downfall in the stats as compares to the firms that does not have any such issues. The good news on the other hand is that integrated marketing correlates with enhanced relations between the various teams of the channels. The companies that aim to integrate across different channels must understand the need to work together and join hands in common campaigns and programs. This was a brief input about what came out of the survey that was conducted regarding integrated marketing.


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