Social Media Marketing is better than PR exercise

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Traditionally, marketing has always involved public relation exercises and dealing with media, so that your brand gets more and more visibility. Businesspersons have had to deal with the wish and whims of the journalists. With the advent of social media, you are no more left to the mercy of mainstream media. Social media marketing is in a way better than traditional methods of marketing through PR as here you are in control of how you want to manage your marketing strategies.

No need to depend upon journalist’s stories.

In case of traditional marketing methods, you were totally at the mercy of journalists and their attitudes. Most of the times, journalists write stories about big Fortune 100 companies, ignoring small and medium business ventures. Over the years people have lost trust in journalists and traditional media. By using social media, you can write contents and stories about your business and project it as you want. You can directly deal with your consumers through social media. By analyzing the hits you can adjust your campaign strategy and content to target the serious customers. Traditional media does not give you such facility. Moreover you can remain visible throughout the year by continually updating your content. Writing blogs at regular intervals (at least once a week), gives customers an insight of the products and thinking behind your business. Traditional media does not allow you such one to one contact.

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You get the advantage of recommendation of satisfied customers.

If a person sees many positive feedbacks about a product, he will be more inclined to use it. Social media gives such an opportunity to the customers through customer’s feedback and reviews. People will rely more on the comments of fellow customers than on the opinion of a journalist, in whom people have little trust nowadays. This first hand sharing of experience goes a long way in building confidence of the customers towards your brand and products.

You can measure the hits

Social media gives you the opportunity to measure the number of people who visited your sites. You can use various tools, most of them for free to know how many customers you are getting from various sites, how many from search results etc. With this knowledge at your disposal, you can plan your strategy and use these sites for optimal results. You can adjust your content to reach your ideal customer. No PR agency will ever give you any information about how they strategize media coverage and connect it to actual business results.

Social media marketing in conjunction with e-mail marketing can become a potent tool in the hands of marketers.

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