Play the corporate chess game to develop your career

Chess and the corporate world are often compared and rightly so. To play chess you need to have extreme patience, an agile and brilliant mind and the capacity to look into the future. For climbing the corporate ladder too you need all these abilities. Corporate chess has to be played with caution because you will be faced with new challenges at every turn. You cannot complain about the corporate set up or the work environment. If you want to prosper you will have to deal with your boss, team leader and colleagues carefully. The corporate offices have many unspoken norms. You have to dress, talk and behave in a particular way. The unspoken rules are not same for every corporate worker. You need to analyze and evaluate your rights, position and role well before acting.

chess game

Women who have a multicultural origin find it hard to make a niche in the corporate set up. Often they do not get a chance to prove their worth. Discrimination is present in many subtle corporate matters. In chess one has to evaluate the positions of his or her pieces on the chess boards to find out the best way to make the next move without any harm. Likewise multicultural women have to step ahead very cautiously and develop new connections for smoother progress up the corporate ladder. Informal connections help people a lot in getting better jobs or opportunities. One big challenge that many multicultural women face at corporate environment is the difference between their familial culture and the corporate culture. Balancing between the two sides of life becomes a struggle for them.

If you want to achieve success and earn a six figure salary then you must know your colleagues and boss very well. Observe their behavior, attitude and activities to understand what they are doing to make progress. After understanding how to cope with the corporate ambience you have to chalk out a plan. Utilize every opportunity that comes your way. Like chess in a corporate world too you will have to apply proper strategies to move forward. Strategies have to be backed by accurate and brilliant tactics. Plan ahead of time and keep an eye on your competitors so that you can outshine them and win their appreciation.