sacrifice in your life and career

Sacrifice is a part of our lives. Each of us have to sacrifice at some point of time to get what we want or to give what we want. Sacrifice has often been misunderstood. Self-negation and sacrifice is not the same thing. Sacrifice is giving up something so that you can gain something more important. In our life we make sacrifices unthinkingly only to feel unsatisfied later on. You should rather use sacrifice as a necessary tool for success and a happier life. To earn extra bucks you have to work extra hours. You will sacrifice enjoyment and relaxation to get the extra money. In the same way to achieve your bigger goals you must sacrifice a little. Sometimes we tend to block our hearts with negative emotion and resist happiness unknowingly. Some people do not try to change their bad habits to achieve more success in life. Sacrificing the negative emotions will help you feel happier and sacrificing the bad habits will empower you to achieve success.


Success can be very illusive and you may find yourself wondering what went wrong. Whenever you feel that your life is not moving forward or you are not on the right track to reach your goals question yourself. Have you done enough to get what you want? One big bad habit that many people have is that of procrastinating. You spend so much time in lazing around; eating, gossiping or watching TV shows that there is no time for self improvement. If you learnt new professional skills or devoted more time in finding better ways of earning then you would have succeeded in achieving the salary you dream of. Clearly by sacrificing small joys you can achieve bigger joys in life.

Sacrifice is not only important in life but it is also a very important strategy of chess. Chess players have to sacrifice their pawns when needed to keep the king safe and get victory. Do not make unnecessary sacrifices. Overburdening yourself with needless sacrifice is not going to help you. If you continuously sacrifice your personal happiness for others you will feel dissatisfied and unhappy sooner or later. Before making a sacrifice find out the reason why you want to make it or what you will get by sacrificing something.