work efficiency

Sometimes the time of the day we are at work and the time we spend actually working are not the same. Many people have the tendency of procrastinating work only to hurry just before the deadline and delaying work by taking too many coffee breaks. If you are one such person then you must find a way to increase your work efficiency. Work efficiency is the amount of work you do on a working day and the time you spend seriously working without browsing the net or playing games on your cell phone. Many people complain of getting distracted easily when at work. This problem can lead to low self esteem and problems at work. Your due promotion may get delayed and you may get stuck to one spot in your career instead of moving forward. Your work efficiency will determine the course of your career. You can increase your work efficiency with the help of a chess clock. The following guidelines will enlighten you on this topic.

chess strategies

Get a chess clock:

If you don’t have a speed chess clock at home then you should buy one. You will get one easily at the toy store in your neighborhood or you can look for one online. You can also ask your nearest chess club members or a friend who is a chess enthusiast for giving you a spare speed chess clock. You should put the chess clock at a convenient place, preferably your desk. Keep it close so you can glance at it to check the time you have spent working every now and then.

Mark it:

Every speed chess clock has got two faces so that both the players can check time during the game. Mark one of the faces ‘work time’ and another as ‘break time’. This way you will be able to measure how much time you have spent on work and how much time you have wasted on coffee breaks and gossiping with your colleague.

Focus more:

This method of enhancing your working efficiency will only be fruitful if you focus on work. You should consciously decrease the amount of time you spend on breaks and stop wasting time by procrastinating.