How yoga helps you overcome wrist and palm pain

Our hands are the main prop in Yoga on which we bear our weight. Whatever the cause, the problem may be exacerbated as such weight bearing is very important part of Yoga practice. With deep breathing and meditation, regular organ and muscle compression can help you resist diseases and reduce stress, allowing you to work with no distraction.

Relax your Muscles
If your wrists have become sore from practicing poses in which you bear weight on your hands, you may need to eliminate these poses for a while to allow the inflamed tissues to heal. Although it will probably take several weeks for pain and soreness to subside, but only after it heals completely, we can begin a gentle stretch of wrists.

You might also find relief from wrist pain in Plank and arm balances by grabbing dumbbells placed on your mat. When you point toward the front edge, they allow the wrists to be in a neutral position. The wrist is a complicated structure and can develop many problems other than the soreness that comes from unaccustomed extension.

Yoga does more than just stretch your muscles and joints because certain poses compress our internal organs to enhance their functioning, aside from increasing the fluid mobility in our blood vessels. Compressing the glands, such as your pituitary gland and thymus gland, energizes the mind and body by removing toxins and impure blood. These compressions also bring forth fresh, oxygenated blood.

Forward bends, head stands, twisted poses encourage the blood flow while compressing the liver at the same time and reducing stress by elevating endorphins in the brain.

Though compression in Yoga increases flexibility, it can also lead to tearing of muscles if over done, which can be dangerous, so one always has to be cautious about this.

For example, if you feel numbness or tingling in your arms or other body parts during compression, your body could be telling you that it is time to move and calm down. Compression is well known for its intensity, but it is always wise to think twice before letting your body stretch way too deep. Too much of sweating can also have negative effects that can be alarming. So, pay close attention to each detail.

Whatever the status of your wrists is – painful, in recovery, or blessedly problem-free – just remember that yoga is meant to be a beneficial and healing practice. Make sure you are not straining your wrists through yoga.

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