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Oxygen SPA capsule

Oxy Spa Healing U – The name itself speaks a lot. It is a spa. It is also a healing system. It is the total wellness is an encapsulated form. Truly speaking, to keep up with the rising demand of the overworked and stressed population across the globe, spa features are going through rapid evolutionary phases.

The wellness deprived crowd is seeking more out-of-the-box spa features and services to relax and unwind. Startling spa installations meeting the dual objective of healing and relaxing is catching the wellness deprived crowd by surprise rewarding an ecstatic spa experience.

What is so special in Oxy Spa?

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It is a sort of energizing the body and mind amidst an artificially created natural ambience maintaining the essential natural parameters. Oxy Spa offers a five sense therapy session with the help of sound, light, video, aroma and color after a relaxing massage session. This Spa experience objected towards soothing the five human senses help the clients attain a perfect balance in body and mind.

Eye-catching features:

The first thing that catches our attention is its unique egg shaped design providing a comfortable resting arrangement along a definite curvature. Ergonomically designed spa lounges is a must in all spas allowing best comfort to the body and mind, the essential component of any spa treatment.

But the resting space in the Oxy Spa shell finished with carefully chosen sensible materials provides the best comfort level along with maximizing the therapeutic effects of light, sound, color and oxygen therapy. This egg like curvature is meant to allow the body to rest in proper inclination.

The client lies down comfortably in the cozily padded resting space and is exposed to five different natural therapies:

  • Therapeutic sound and video are played giving the customer a feel that he/she is amid pure nature
  • The customer is exposed to fresh level of oxygen similar to that experienced in pristine natural surroundings.
  • Lights of different intensities and colors surround the customer enhancing the relaxed feel.

Providing the right dose of stimulation to our vital sense organs leading to the state of ultimate wellness:

The external stimuli through light, sound, color and aroma greatly affect our wellness. Therefore, each and every feature or therapy integrated in this modular Spa has proven therapeutic benefits:

  1. Egg shaped resting space:

Egg is considered the seed of life and this special contour enables you to get the maximum relaxation effect. Adjustable seat cushions arranged serially along the curvature provides you the additional comfort.

  1. Oxygen therapy

    : Pure organic oxygen is infused to reinvigorate your cells and helps you relax fully. Efficacy of this therapy can be listed as:

  • Promotes brain activity
  • Promotes nutrient absorption
  • Enhances body metabolism
  • Enhances vitality of skin
  • Enhances physical endurance
  • Relieves fatigue and lethargy

A drop in the required oxygen level in the body induces tiredness, dizziness and reduces the normal functioning in the body.

  1. LED light and color therapy:

Light therapy has been used in treating many mental and psychological disorders. Exposure to a specific intensity of light helps in adjusting melatonin, the hormone that controls our sleep and wakefulness. This is also effective in treating chronic fatigue syndrome, acne and improves skin elasticity.

Human reception to colors is wonderful which helps in reducing a number of disorders. It is amazing to learn that colors also have therapeutic properties! A few are listed below:

  • Light blue: A mind soother, lowers hypertension, reduces headache, treats insomnia
  • Deep blue: Purifies blood and helps in detoxification.
  • Violet: Stimulates spleen and promotes production of white blood cells
  • Bright red: Promotes blood circulation, enhances adrenaline secretion and treats post surgery pains.
  • Bright yellow: Memory enhancer, strengthens bones and acts as an antacid
  • Orange: Reduces gloominess of mind, relaxes tensions, and enhances liver and thyroid functions.
  • Green: Miraculous effect in reducing fatigue. Acts on the sympathetic nervous system and helps in restoring psychological balance.
  1. Sound Therapy:

OxySpa Healing U heightens your relaxing experience through natural sound effects and soothing music. Sound effects of chirping of birds, clattering sound of waterfalls etc. are effective in uplifting your mood from the depressive state.

Listening to music affects the state of mood which is measurable on a scale. Oxy Spas sound & music therapy is designed to relieve stress, anxieties and mental pressure by the application of choicest sound and music suitable for you.

In today’s hi-paced society, wellness is given the top priority. Keeping in view of the different requirements of different persons, Oxy Spa provides the customized luxurious Spa solution where resting area, audio, video, light and color effects can be customized as required.

An innovative Spa round the corner:

Oxygen SPA capsule

Innovations rule the wellness market. Oxy-Spa Healing U is one such integrated Spa service having great competitive advantages that would take you to the next level of Spa experience. Apart from widespread application in top health resorts across the globe, Oxy Spa can be installed for:

  • Private purpose: In CEO room, office and personal library.
  • Shop purpose: In Spas and Fitness centers
  • Therapeutic purpose: In medical resorts, mental clinics, special category hospital lounges, postpartum care center
  • Service areas: Hotel rooms & lounges, Wellness resorts, high-end villas, golf lounge, Airport lounge and employee welfare space.

Simple operating system, low labor and operating cost of Oxy Spa can improve the profit margins of any Spa business. With the growing realization of the value of wellness, innovative spas would be the future drivers of the wellness market gifting the customers a more gratifying wellness experience.

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