Treat cancer with ozone steam sauna therapy

Treat cancer with ozone steam sauna therapy

Ozone steam sauna therapy has certain benefits for use against cancerous tissues. The medical reason behind it being cancerous tissues does not survive or grow in oxygen rich conditions. Ample amount of oxygen if passed on to the blood, the chances of cancer tissues to grow can be reduced. Moreover, ozone therapy induces free radicals in the body thus acting like as natural cleansing agent.


Persistent application of this process can help in slow down the cancerous growth or perhaps even eliminate it completely. However, this is not the only solution to cure cancer. It can be combined with traditional medical treatments such as chemotherapy.


Benefits of the therapy:

Ozone steam sauna therapy provides a natural oxidant and helps in purifying and cleansing the blood. Moreover, it helps increase the cell growth, since cells thrive in oxygen rich conditions. Ozone therapies have been a treatment since ages. The traditional methods include intravenous autohaemotransfuion, intra-articular and intradiscal injections, ozonated water and transdermal ozone gas sauna.

Some benefits are mentioned below:

  • Eliminates bacteria, fungi, protozoa etc.
  • Immune system is stimulated
  • Helps in purifying the blood and lymphs.
  • Encourages circulation
  • Induces oxygen metabolism.
  • Forms peroxides.

The steam sauna is made of ozone-resistant materials and help in creating an ozone level up to 3-5%. A generator is used to this end. The patient should keep his/her head open during the treatment while covering the rest of the body. The chamber is designed so as to avoid excess inhalation of ozone, which is considered dangerous to the body.


Hot steam along with the ozone is pumped inside the chamber. This steam system helps in opening the pores of the skin and helps the detoxification along with the skin absorbing ozone. It releases toxic substances if any.

The toxic substances are broken down in this process giving way to new peroxides to be created after the ozone is absorbed. The activated oxygen not only circulates within the blood stream but also induces it after the session gets over. This effect stays for 3 weeks.

This therapy also enhances the lymphatic system.

It is not only good for cancer patients but also if done regularly can be a precaution for the occurrence of this deadly disease. It can be done regularly for a healthy and active body and skin.


Ozone steam sauna therapy is not only good for the internal but also the external body. The therapy may have uses beyond a simple sauna, and help the body combat diseases.

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