Wellness tourism is a growing sector in tourism industry. Every year a large number of people across the world opt for wellness tourism holiday or leisure to escape from everyday life. The alternative treatments are […]

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Many couples have started turning towards unconventional, alternative therapies in the hope of enhancing their fertility and getting pregnant. For millions of couple having a baby is a dream as one or both of them

Pregnant woman holding baby booties.

Sports injuries can range from slight sprain to severe dislocation of bones. If not healed with care it can impair an athlete for life. Sports injuries have ruined the career of many athletes due to

legs massage therapy

According to the surveys conducted by the World Health Organization, 65-80% of the total population of this world uses a form of alternative medicine or the other. That means an approximate 4 billion people rely


The basic difference between holistic and western medicine is in the way they approach ailments. The word holistic has been derived from the Greek word ‘halos’. The meaning of ‘halos’ is whole or total. Holistic

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