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Historically massage therapy has been used in most cultures around the world for various therapeutic benefits. Nowadays, people use different types of massage therapy for a variety of health related reasons. Massage is the manipulation […]

Various styles and health benefits of massage therapy

Is fibromyalgia a disability, is a question frequently asked by individuals who experience the tenderness, pain, and other symptoms associated with this chronic condition. It is comprised of two words, algia (pain) and fibro (fibrous

muscle pain

The healing effect of infrared rays has been long known. Now it has been given a green signal by the medical fraternity too. With the greying of vast population, anti aging therapy and wellness program

How infrared sauna can help cure anti aging, body pain

Who would have thought that for their sweet and deliciously flavored extract, vanilla beans would actually have one of the most unappealing looks? At first sight, these beans resemble elongated beans that look as if

Vanilla extract and its amazing health benefits

Yoga is a practical science of health, which, if practiced regularly, can reduce stress from your body, mind and help your body to cope with the natural aging process. Majority of people are still unaware

Yoga and health benefits

Ginger is a spice and has been used as a natural remedy since ancient times. It has been used to treat as well as prevent various medical conditions. While some like to sip ginger tea

Ginger root
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