Health benefits of ginger


Ginger is a spice and has been used as a natural remedy since ancient times. It has been used to treat as well as prevent various medical conditions. While some like to sip ginger tea to start the day, some prefer using it in curries and others spicy preparations. It is also popularly used in some sweet preparations. It can be used in any form, be it fresh ginger, juice, extract or even as supplements.


The most important benefits of consuming ginger are

  • Motion sickness – Motion sickness can be experienced by anyone while travelling in a car, bus, ship or air journey. Ginger in the form of small sips or chewing small dried ginger can help to relieve motion sickness and the nausea associated with it.
  • Cancer – Studies have shown that ginger helps in causing death of cancer cells or helps to slower down their growth. For e.g. ovarian or colon cancer.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Ginger is known to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties and can be an effective pain killer.
  • Acidity and heartburn – Ginger is one of the natural remedies known to treat acidity and heartburn and other related complaints like nausea, flatulence. It can be taken in dried and salted form or is also taken as a juice and mixed with lemon juice to obtain relief.
  • Cold and cough – Ginger is an effective remedy that helps to fight against common cold, cough and to relive those blocked sinuses. It is also an important content along with honey and is used in natural cough syrups and lozenges.
  • Headache and migraine – Ginger helps to reduce the inflammation of blood vessels and hence provides relief in headache and migraine.
  • Joint pain – Helpful in inflammation of the joints that cause pain, redness and swelling of joints. Ginger helps to fight inflammation and provides relief in muscle and joint pain.
  • Better digestion and absorption – Ginger improves digestion and helps in better absorption. It is commonly used to improve appetite and as an after food digestive.
  • Morning sickness – Morning sickness or nausea during pregnancy can be very irritating for some pregnant women. As it becomes difficult to consume medications during this period, consuming some ginger can be of great help in getting relief. It is advisable to get a diet planned from an expert to ensure correct dosing.

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