Swara Yoga- Nose for Consciousness

Swara yoga emphasizes on nostrils

A Tantric form that dates back the Vedic era, Swara yoga emphasizes on nostrils. In Sanskrit, Swara means musical note or sound. Myth says that the ancient Sadhus garnered this secret knowledge from divine powers. It states that flow of air through nose changes in accordance with the movements, locations or phases of the astral objects.

The nose which is connected to brain can influence the nerve impulse and flow of energy through the body. This form of yoga believes that an even flow of breath and practicing a specific lifestyle during its two stages can help in maintain connectivity between the inner soul and outer environment.

Elucidating it, the person who knows the method, will get up on a morning and on the basis of the planetary positions and moon movement, know which foot should touch the floor. The first step will thus be rightly taken for the day. Through such little instances and attentions in details, success can be ensured for those who practice this yoga religiously. Rigorous practice can even help a person to attain freedom from the cycle of life and death, a high state of awareness, commonly known as Moksha or Nirvana.

Each Swara brings with them specific tasks to be performed when active. The three types of Swaras are-

Ida nadi or Left Swara – The energy signifies moon. The flow of air is to be channelled through left nostril and culminating in body towards left spine. Acts to be done include:

  • All auspicious acts
  • Buying jewelry and clothes
  • Treatment of incurable disease
  • Undertaking journeys

Pingale nadi or Right Swara – The energy signifies sun. A similar alternate pattern on the right, which is, breathing through the right nostril, is to be performed. The acts are:

  • Having food
  • Destroying enemies
  • Performing extreme dynamic work
  • Physical labor

The solar right Swara promotes ingestion of food which helps in warding off diseases. The diet chart prescribed is sweet in initial stage, followed by sour and saline and concludes with pungent and astringent. Cold food should be avoided in this phase. Regular baths in the Surya Swara helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sushumna or Third Swara– Here, the destroyer, Lord Shiva is signified. The location is at the centre of the spinal cord. Energy flow in similar quantity and direction through the former two Swaras activate the third one.

The obvious question is what sun and moon have to do in this? Well, Swara Yoga takes in account the solar movement and lunar cycle. It addresses the effect of moon cycle on physical well being and psychological issues. The motto is to synchronize the rhythmic breathing pattern with the planetary rotations and revolutions.


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