Role of complementary and alternate medicine in the treatment of cancer

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Complementary and alternative medicines involve non-traditional methods to diagnose, treat and prevent various diseases and are a recent form of healthcare.

Breast Cancer

A number of diseases can be prevented by the use of CAM including diseases like lead poisoning, osteoarthritis, irritable bowel syndrome with practices, such as chelation therapy, homeopathy, and acupuncture. The treatment aims as treating the mind, body and spirit altogether. Recent studies indicate that the alternative medicine can also be used in treatment of diseases like cancer.

It has now been made evident that when the alternative healthcare treatments like acupuncture, nutritional programs, supplements and antioxidants, natural treatments with hormones, botanicals, hypnosis and aromatherapy are used as a complement with the traditional ones, the effects are much better than that if typical cancer care.


A large numbers of CAM treatments offer effective treatments against the early stages of cancer and the after effects of conventional cancer treatments/surgery. They can also be used to complement the procedures performed by an oncologist. Symptoms such as stress, Anxiety, insomnia, aches and nausea and vomiting indicate that you might need alternative treatments. The treatments may include music therapy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, valerian supplements, Ayurveda, massage, hydrotherapy and many more.

The effective relief and the reduced risks of side effects of the alternative treatments that include energy work, herbs and vitamins, traditional healing techniques and meditation programs are the special attractions of the alternative and complementary treatments. The result of these treatments is less disruptive than that resulting from traditional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy all you need to do is to contact a reputed alternative medicine clinic for your treatment.


These forms of treatments are now easily available and accessible more particularly for medical tourists. Wellness Tourism destinations like Thailand, India and China are becoming extremely popular amongst tourists who prefer to travel for getting better healthcare treatments. The Thai yoga massage, Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicines are a part of the extremely beneficial medicinal treatments offered at these countries.

Not only do the wellness tourism destinations but also major hospitals such as Bangkok Hospital which is in Thailand and one of China’s most popular hospitals the Clifford Hospital at Guangzhou are now offering CAM for the treatment of diseases like cancer combined with Western, Chinese and alternative medicine.


Cancer patients have an array of treatment options to choose from however it is important that you think well about your comfort and stress before you make the final choice between conventional and alternative form of medicine.

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