Reasons people use Alternative Medicine and Complementary Alternative Medicine

Woman with a sinus therapy bowl

Western medicine has only gained popularity within the last few decades. All the years prior to that saw humans using several of the therapies that fall under the umbrella of ‘Alternative Medicine’. Countries that lack a defined healthcare system have utilized traditional medicine for years now without damaging their health. With the paradigm shift of ‘going green’ that has occurred over the recent years, people are changing the way they think and starting to embrace the alternative.  

There are several reasons people are turning their back on the regular medical practices they see day in and day out, and opting for a more naturalistic and organic form of therapy. Individuals that live in countries with a strong healthcare infrastructure might find waiting times too long, or the price of healthcare too expensive. Those that are disappointed with the medical services they typically find at their doctor’s office or at hospitals, are turning to alternative forms of care. 

Alternative therapies employ a holistic approach of diagnosing and treating the patient. They take into account not just the physical manifestations of the disease, but also look into emotional and psychological aspects of the individual to treat the condition as a whole. An alternative medicine practitioner will take more time during the consultations with a patient to provide customized, tailor made plans. They also encourage the patient to be part of the medical team and take an active role in dealing with their disease. 

Alternative practices have gained popularity in a generation where individuals are trying to embrace health promotion and disease prevention. Taking certain herbs or engaging in particular alternative therapies have been proven to help in the prevention of illnesses. Those that seek to improve their quality of life tend to incorporate alternative practices into their daily life.


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