My quick Experience of efusion healing therapy by Dr Rebecca Then

efusion healing therapy by Dr Rebecca

As a wellness expert, I am always in the lookout for alternative ways of healing because I carry a strong belief in the immense natural healing power of our body. We suppress this power forcibly by medicines and other treatments reducing the natural curative potential. In case of simplest ailments that seldom require clinical attention, we charge high dose medicines causing damage to our natural healing system.

It is well established that our activities are driven by a strong life force or energy. This energy enables us in performing different tasks big and small, tough and easy. If this life force or the flow of energy gets obstructed due to some reason, ailments both mental and physical crop up.

If we study ancient traditional medicines practiced widely in Asian countries, we would observe that different cultures had given a lot of importance in energy healing. It is believed that life energy flows into our body through different channels or meridians (as depicted by ancient medicinal texts), and this free flow of energy helps us in maintaining our overall wellness.

For example, the term Chakra is available in ancient Hindu texts which represent the energy transmission centers of the body. Reiki is a popular energy healing practice originating in Japan at the start of 20th century. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on a number of energy healing processes like Acupuncture, Tai Chi, and Qui Gong etc. Even massage is also considered a form of energy healing.

Energy healing is done with or without the application of touch. The therapist takes unique approaches to channelize the energy field in your body. Today, people, by and large are aware of this energy healing process but are yet to accept it universally. Some are curious while most are skeptic about this modality of healing.

Fusion Healing – Rectifying energetic imbalances applying more than one energy healing technique

Fortunately, I came across Dr. Rebecca Then, an exceptional hypnotherapist Reiki master and fusion trainer and attended a session of fusion healing conducted by her. In fusion healing, different modalities of energy healing are applied enabling the client get the best of energy healing. Naturally, the combined effect of two or more healing modalities produces better effects.

Dr Rebecca is an expert in fusion healing and my experience with her in the short session was awesome. With simple hand movements, she carried on with the energy healing processes while a soft soothing music was played in the background.

Here lies the uniqueness of the therapist who is able to sense the vibration effect of the client’s life energy and selects the hands-off or hands-on treatment procedures. It is quite interesting to watch Dr Rebecca’s hand movements in this short duration session. One may wonder how it helps in healing.

The ambience along with the music automatically imbibes a great feeling of wellness. I sat comfortably on a sofa with my outstretched hands resting on the sofa handles in a particular posture as advised by the doc.

As she started her hand movements, the great feel of relaxation gradually spread through my body and mind setting the perfect harmony between the two. The session was short but my experience was great.

When your body and mind are synchronized rightly, you dwell in the realm of wellness with zero level of anxieties and tensions. It is important to have an open mind with full confidence on the energy healing to realize the effect of this natural healing process.

Personally, I feel energy healing should not be considered only for curative purpose. Any time a person feels exhausted, tired or stressed out can go for energy healing sessions to rebalance his/her life energy. This energy balancing can be maintained at home as well after attending one or two healing sessions. What you need is conviction and commitment.

Depression the leading pandemicLooking at the global scenario where depression has been declared as a leading pandemic, such energy healing or fusion healing techniques are very relevant. Regular stress-driven lifestyle greatly affects the wellness index of a person gradually pushing him/her into the grips of mental disorders. Timely intervention with energy healing techniques can be a great savior.

My heartfelt thanks to Dr Rebecca Then for enlightening me with such a great experience.

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