Journey Therapy

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Journey therapy is a gentle way of working to clear off the emotional blocks that have caused trouble since a long time. It is a form of guided imagination or creative visualization that a person is allowed to experience in order to address the specific stress related issues in their lives. This can be considered as a simple form of meditation that can provide a life changing experience thereby reliving people from stress.



Journey therapy was introduced by a Californian therapist called Brandon Bays. While she was herself suffering from a tumor, she discovered the healing and freeing ways of journey therapy. She realized that her suffering was nothing but an accumulation of negative emotions that had not been released at the right time and were hence bothering her then.


Mental trauma when faced need to be experienced with expression of emotions. When this does not happen, the emotions get piled up and get trapped into the system. As these negative emotions are not resolved, they accumulate and further lead to more damage to the system by manifesting in the form of some dreadful ailment.

In most of these cases the past history and detailed case taking reveals that there has been burial of emotions and that feelings have not got an opportunity to get released properly. Hence there is a need by which the person needs to complete the emotional reaction and let the negative emotions flow out as they should have naturally. Journey therapy can help in revisiting these emotions and helping them to get rid of negativity as a part of natural healing process.


In journey therapy, a new perspective is given for the mind and it enables one to see and feel a new viewpoint. This can help in bringing back the harmony and balance in life. The therapist guides the person through a beautiful journey and allows finding the root cause of difficulties. This process can help in easing the stress related to those experiences and helps to heal naturally.

The sessions include a thorough case taking involving the physical and mental complaints of the person. The therapy sessions may last for 2- 3 hours and the number of sessions is decided by the therapist.



Journey therapy can help in people suffering from depression, chronic ailments and pain, allergies, emotional disturbances, stress induced problems, sexual problems, addictions and eating disorders.

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