Juice therapy

Human body needs its nutrition from the natural sources and when this need is appropriately met the body shows signs of good health. Hence it is very important that the body is provided with all the essential nutrients in a natural form. There can be a situation that in spite of having many meals and other in between snacks, the body does not receive what it needs and may still be deprived of essential nutrients.


Juice therapy is a complementary method of treatment that aims at improving the nutritional status and detoxifying the harmful toxins in the body with the use of natural juice extracts.


When the diet does not contain natural foods, the body lacks in vital nutrients. Vegetable and fruits have been considered a great source of nutrition since ages. Using natural sources like vegetables and fruits to make juices can not only provide great nutrition but also improve the strength of body and brain. These juices are rich in vitamins and minerals and can help in maintaining the balance of nutrients in the body and the brain.

Raw juices extract from fresh fruits and vegetables can help in clearing off the toxins that are trapped inside the body and regain the normal body functions. These juices are well mixed and do not require to be digested thus give some rest to the digestive system. Thus the juices allow the body in regeneration and makes room for body’s own healing process.



Fruit and vegetable juices are a great choice when cleansing and detoxification of the body is considered. When taken in sufficient quantities and in combinations the balance of sugars, salts and other minerals can be managed. Almost all fruits and vegetables can be juiced, or else the part that is nutritious can be used.

The juice therapy can be used as a standalone diet or can be used in combination with the regular diet also. Juice supplements can be taken in addition to a healthy balanced diet. Juice fasting can also be done for detoxification purpose.



Juice therapy can be helpful in acne, acidity, gastric disturbances, constipation, diarrhea, piles, kidney problems, obesity and menopausal symptoms.

Safety First

Juice fasting is only for cleansing and followed only for few days. Long term use can be harmful to health. For people on specific diets or chronic ailments, it is advisable to consult physician before starting juice therapy.

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