With the increasing stress in everyday life, the life of people is also affected. The use of chemicals, artificial agents and pollution has added to the disturbances in the health condition of many people. This adds to the external stressors in a person’s life and chronic stress starts building up. The most commonly seen symptoms of such stress are emotional disturbances, exhaustion, anxiety and depression.



Holopathy is an alternative healing method that aims at treating patients suffering from such chronic stress. It is a combination of various systems of medicine, energy therapy and uses electronic instruments for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment.



Holopathy not only aims at treating the physical body but also the energy blocks and hence, clears the mind as well. The focus of treatment is to treat the cause and not just the apparent symptoms. The basic principle of holopathy is to promote self control and self- regulation in the person’s system so as to improve the capacity of self healing.

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Some of the concepts on which holopathy is based are effectiveness of acupuncture points, administration of homeopathic remedies and nosodes, energetic model of a human, solution of stress and suppressions, use of herbs, Bach Flower remedies and gem stones for the treatment purpose.



The treatment regimen varies from person to person and the sessions are decided accordingly. Each session can last for around 20 minutes to one hour. It combines the use of electronic production, measurements and digital homeopathy to produce signals. The therapists are trained to follow the procedure and read the measurements.

In addition, the holopathy practitioner may also prescribe herbal medicines, homeopathic medicines or other supplements.



Holopathy has been found to be effective in conditions like:

  • Female problems – menstruation problems, painful menses, ovarian cyst,
  • Skin problems – Eczema, psoriasis, allergies, etc;
  • Bone and joint problems – neck and back problems, spine deformities, inflammations and joint diseases, sciatic pain, neuritis, nerve pain, spinal cord diseases;
  • Major organs – Hormonal imbalances, affections of the heart, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, stomach and duodenal ulcers, affections of the colon and rectum,;
  • General health- repeated infections, failure to thrive, and boosting immunity in children. Sinusitis, upper respiratory infections like tonsillitis, ear infections, adenoids, laryngitis, etc. Conjunctivitis, eye diseases, urinary infections, jaw infections, gangrene, etc; 


Holopathy is based on self healing and might not be able to reverse conditions that have caused organ damage.

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