Human body gets affected by changes in the external as well as the internal environment. These changes generally increase the stress of the body and mind and the person is mostly unaware of it. Hellerwork is an alternative form of therapy in which the body and the mind is trained to regain its balance and deal with the changing life situation more effectively.



Hellerwork was propagated by Joseph Heller in around 1970s. He was working closely with other associates on areas of body posture, movement education and awareness. After having gained a vast experience in different fields of healing methodology, he framed a new form of bodywork treatment modality named the Hellerwork.



As a background, it is considered that stress is the basic cause of most of the health problems. Most of the life situations that give rise to stress, settle in the body in the form of muscle tension and results in aches in different areas. This can cause changes in movement pattern, posture and control. Meaning, when the mind gets affected, it brings changes in the body frame and movement. Similarly, if the body movement and posture is corrected and trained the right way, it can bring about positive effects in the mind as well.

Hellerwork is based on this principle and believes that by using a combination of bodywork, massage, movement education and help in communication, can help in releasing tension in the areas and regain the correct posture, realigning the body parts and balance. This will also help in recovering mental balance and restoring health.



Hellerwork uses bodywork or massaging the deep tissue in order to relax the muscles and tissues and strengthen the area. It also helps to provide better range of movement, stability and support.

Another element of Hellerowrk is movement education where the patients is taught the correct body movements, ways of sitting, standing, bending, lifting, etc to regain the normal posture and avoid creating  tension in the body.

Communication help forms the last part of Hellerwork, in which the patient is encouraged to have free communication in order to release suppressed emotions and feel light and regain emotional balance.

The treatment therapy is carried out in sessions for a specified time and the significance of each session is precise.



Hellerwork can be helpful for poor posture, body aches, neck or back pain, headaches, fatigue, restricted breathing, restricted movement.

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