Alternative medicines vs. modern medicine, which one is better

Alternative medicines like homeopathy, acupuncture, or hypnosis are gradually becoming more popular amongst the people nowadays. In a recent survey, it was found that more than half of the people believe in alternative medicines. While modern medicines are based on scientific research and have helped people avoid disability and death, alternative medicines have not been proved scientifically effective in treating various ailments.

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Then what is it in alternative medicines that make them so popular amongst people? There must be something very compelling which makes people to have unwavering faith in alternative form of medicines.


Many people argue that though modern medicines are based on modern science and have been successful in fighting various diseases, but with time, they have failed in dealing with people on personal level. The modern healthcare system has become frightening and people do not like to visit their doctors. High costs, uncomfortable and sometimes painful interventions intimidate patients.


On the other hand, a visit to an alternative medicine therapist can be very calming. The therapist would spend more time talking to the patient, and understanding his problems. The atmosphere will be less formal, and less threatening. More time is spent on easing anxiety, and instilling healthy attitudes in the patient. There is concerted attempt to instil the sense of responsibility towards one’s wellbeing, and effort to provide hope. All this definitely has a positive effect on the wellbeing of the patient.


Present day modern system of medicine initially dealt with infectious diseases. After curing various infectious diseases, now it has to handle many life style diseases like heart attacks, diabetes, obesity and cancer. The medial establishment has not rethought of the ways to fight these illnesses. They wait for the signs of such diseases to develop and then they start the treatment. The stress should more be on lowering the risk of such diseases. The present system of payments, reimbursement, and insurance make it difficult for doctors to spend more time with the patients. They do not attempt to understand the problems of the patient. Thus a bonding necessary between doctor and patient never develops.

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