Gravitation of wellbeing destinations towards hot springs

Wellness tourism is promoted through various services that are practiced in order to relax and rejuvenate the guest. Hot springs have been one such effective method that has tremendously added to the dimensions of the wellness tourism. Naturally occurring hot springs and the use of their water is highly important in various wellness therapies as well as the procedures that are required to provide rejuvenating experience to the guest.

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Geothermal energies and hot spring waters are the basis of the wellness therapies like balnoetherapy, thermalism etc. hot spring bathing can be an escapade of leisure and relaxation and their mineral content is highly helpful in curing many illnesses and providing health treatments.

Hot spring spas and resorts are the major constituents of the wellness tourism industry. Having a hot spring in your property is like a brand that earns you recognition like none other. Hot springs are the natural venues that have attractions attached for the public however with the global advent in the wellness tourism industry the value of such hot springs have grown manifolds. The water of these naturally occurring hot springs usually possesses a very high quantity of mineral content that is used extensively for clinical purposes. Spas and other wellness centers run on the mercy of these waters for these waters are the basis for nearly all the wellness therapies.

Global Hot Springs initiative has contributed majorly in popularizing the effectiveness of these hot spring waters and providing an international wellness think-tank to the world that aims to research and explore the multiple values and functionalities of geothermal waters. These findings are expected to largely contribute in increasing revenues and other incentives for various industries like health, tourism, recreation and wellness.


Use of hot springs on global fronts for spas and other wellness centers have highlighted the best practices in the world for the same and focus on a sustainable model for the conservation of these hot springs. The prime focus is to promote geothermal water destinations in the world so that the hidden potentials of the hot springs can be unleashed and can be put to medical use as soon as possible.

The increased spa culture and increased the levels of public awareness regarding geothermal water value in the nature-based tourism that offers best of practices for health and recreation with the aim to increase the concept of healthy living.


Hot springs and the use of their waters has become highly popularized recently owing to medicinal qualities and high mineral content that the springs offer.

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