Esoteric therapy

Esoteric therapy is a form of alternative medicine that involves an individual’s energy field. When the energy centres surrounding a person are stimulated, it vitalizes the nerve and organ system and produces healing. This type of healing is also called Esoteric healing.

This treatment modality is closely associated with spiritual healing and makes use of breath movements, energy fields and positive vibrations.



People have been aware of this form of healing since ancient times in different cultures. It is widely practiced in many countries including Egypt, China and India.



People have energy fields within and surrounding them. Ideally, these energy fields should remain in a harmonious state and thus people are able to enjoy good health. However, due to lifestyle preferences, stress and many such environmental as well as personal factors, there occurs an imbalance in these energy fields. This can give rise to diseased state of mind and body.

Esoteric healing believes that these energy fields can be maintained by studying the fields and altering the flow of energy within.



After assessing the patient and the complaints, the practitioner, allows the patient to remain seated comfortably and is asked to relax. The practitioner works on assessing the energy fields and working on bringing back harmony into the fields. Although most patients may feel relaxed after the sessions, some may not realize the effects immediately but feel better after some time.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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