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You must have heard a lot about the use of avocado in food and might have heard about its uses as an aphrodisiac as well, but what often does not get as much attention as it certainly should have is the health benefits. In recent years, research conducted by medical professionals, biologists and nutrition experts in some of the leading research establishments in the world have revealed the undisputed positive effects the humble avocado has on the health of an individual who consumes it. One thing that most people might not know is the fact that avocado has been consumed as an elixir of health for many centuries and in fact has been a major part of the health regime in ancient civilizations as well. It has a positive effect on the heart, blood circulation and other conditions. In addition to that, it is also known to curb the scourge of weight gain and diabetic tendencies.

As the reader might well know, obesity and diabetes coupled with heart ailments are perhaps most destructive conditions in the modern world and if one can have a natural remedy like avocado to these problems then there is nothing like it, is there? Avocado has been classified as a fruit and it is usually consumed with a salad or a sandwich and more often than not the consumption of one avocado a day is quite enough for most people. The reason why avocado is often regarded as a great source of healthy nutrients is that it supplies the body with vital unsaturated fats which can be easily burnt by the usual metabolic processes and does not result in weight gain and on the other hand it is not loaded with carbohydrates or proteins which helps in keeping the balance just right.

It has often been said that one has to cut down on carbohydrates and animal proteins if one wishes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a manageable weight but how is the body going to compensate for the lost calories and keep the fat intake at the desired level? As mentioned earlier, this is where avocado’s composition comes into play because it is not only devoid of unnecessary proteins or carbohydrates but it compensates the body with the fats that it needs to carry on its normal activities. Moreover, these fats can be burnt more easily by the human body which makes sure that one does not put on any weight.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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